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Send a page to an Interpage Customer

This section allows you to send text, alpha, or numeric messages to an Interpage customer, provided that the user has configured his or her WebPage options to receive Web-based messages.

To send messages to Interpage customers, simply enter the user's account name, followed by your alpha or numeric message in the spaces provided below, and click 'Send' when done. (Your message should be delivered in less than 30 seconds.)

Interpage Account: (Case sensitive!)



(To use the Interpage Free Test Text Message, SMS, and Picture/MMS service, please call (650) 456-4556 and follow the recorded instructions, or go to the Interpage Test Messaging/Paging page for details.)

Last modified 06/06/2018
Interpage Customer Messaging and Free Test Page Interface

The Interpage Customer Messaging service allows you to send text, alpha, or numeric-only messages to Interpage Customers, while the FreePage(sm) Service will send alpha messages to many cellular, paging, and messaging systems in the US/Canada for free! (For the HTML/5 version of this page, click here.)

If you would like to send a message to an Interpage Customer, please utilize the blue section immediately below. To send an alpha message to any other system, please use the red section labeled "Other Systems" under the Interpage Customer section.

Phone: (650)331 3900 Fax: (650)292 1600
Other Interpage Services
Interpage's OutVoice service provides fast and reliable text-to-speech and WAV file voice messaging to landline, POTS, cellular and other voice applications/end-devices.
For information on Interpage's suite of Internet integreation services, please select a link from the left of the page, or select the Interpage Overview for a detailed summary.
Help Stop The Internet Sales Tax! -- The Senate voted on May 6th to enact an Internet Sales Tax -- It's now up to the House to stop it!

Do you want to pay more for (most) online purchases? Or, as a small business owner, do you want all 50 States, DC, and US Territories to be able to demand tax and customer records, audit, and compel you to appear in another state to defend tax claims which they assert over you?

Send a free fax to Congress with Interpage's OutFax service telling your elected officials to vote NO on the Marketplace Fairness Act/Internet Sales Tax! Click here for details and an editable, pre-written fax message, or compose your own message to Congress here.

Sending a free fax to Congress via the Interpage / LobbyByFax system should take only 30 seconds or so, and we do not track, market, sell, or contact you in any way, so please take a very few moments and tell your Congressional Representatives to vote against the Act! Thank you!
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Send a free fax to Congress with LobbyByFax!
Send a free fax to Congress and state legisatures with LobbyByFax,com and OutFax service!
Send a page to other (non-Interpage) systems

To send an alpha message to a non-Interpage customer/system, please select the cellular, messaging, or paging carrier or system you wish to page from the drop-down box below. After you have selected the system, please enter the cellular phone number or pager ID. You may then type in your message, which can be as long as you wish. Messages longer than the destination pager's display capability will be broken up into multiple messages so the recipient will see all of your message

(Note for paging customers: The pager ID is generally the pager's phone number (eg, 10 digits without the leading "1") or a 6 to 8 digit number which idenitifies your pager to your paging system. Do not use any spaces, dashes, or punctuation -- just enter your pager ID, pager number, or mobile phone number as a string of digits. If you don't know your pager ID, please contact your paging provider. Some paging systems have multiple access methods to their service, so if you see your system listed and are sure your ID/mobile # is correct but are still not getting pages, check with your carrier as to all the areas they may service and select an alternate based on their response from the list below. If you don't see your paging provider on the list below, and would like us to consider it for addition to the FreePage service, please contact us to inquire if we nay be able to add the given system.)

Select the paging system:

Enter the Pager ID/PIN:



Interpage's FreePage Service lets you send a free message to evaluate the speed and reliability of Interpage's messaging and paging services. We do NOT use mobile / pager numbers entered for future solicitations noris any information sold to outside sources or used for marketing or tracking purposes. The FreePage and LobbyByFax services are provided as instruments by which to evaluate Interpage's messaging and fax-based services.

Links to voice and messaging related pages on Interpage:

Messaging and Paging Gateway
OutVoice Text-to-Speech and WAV Gateway
Overview of All Interpage Services

Other Interpage Services

OutFax send-fax service
Unlimited Use OutFax Service
Text-based receipt of online orders
Interpage General Fax Services Page
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To receive additional information about Interpage's Services, please go to:

The Interpage Contacts Page

Or call us at +1 (650) 331-3900 during US Pacific Business Hours.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our faxing or other services!