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Interpage Free Tests for Faxing, Messaging, Paging, Voice, Caller ID and other services
This page summarizes Interpage's free web-based and other test services; please click on an icon below for details on a given test service and information on how to access/utilize it.
Re-Fax Free Fax Send and Reception Test Service
Interpage's Re-Fax Service will re-fax a received fax back to the number which sent it. Simply send a fax to Interpage's Re-Fax service, and if it's properly received, the Re-Fax service will send the received fax back to the number which sent it.
Send a free page to US and Canadian Paging Systems
Interpage's free test page service can send test alpha or numeric-only pages to many US and Canadian paging carriers and systems. The service can also be used to send a free message to Interpage Messaging & Paging customers as well.
SMS/Text Message Test Messaging Service
The Interpage SMS/Text Messaging Test sends free SMS, Multi-part SMS, and Multi-Media (MMS) test messages to your phone. The service can be used to test your phone and/or carrier's messaging speed, message type availability, and message presentation on your phone.
Voice Test Services
Voice Service free tests may be used for testing the voice quality of a given carrier by listening to a message which a caller deposits and is then played back. It may also be used to evaluate Interpage's OutVoice and Voicemail services.
Additional information is available via the Interpage Main Page, the Interpage Contact's menu, or by calling +1 (650) 331-3900.
Cellular and VoIP Latency and Echo Free Test
The Latency/Echo test can be used to determine the audio delay (latency) and digitally-induced caller echo of the various cellular carriers and digital protocols (CDMA, LTE, GSM, etc.), as well as that of Voice-over-IP carriers and services.
Caller ID Readback and Telemarketer Rejection Service
The free Caller ID Readback will verbally read back the number of a calling party in the format of an automated "Bell System Not-In-Service" recording, which may also be played to unwanted callers to confuse them or their automated dialers.
WWWFax sends a free test fax message, via nearly any web browser, to the US, Canada, most of Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, without any sign-up or pre-registration requirements.
Send a free test fax via the Web