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Send a free fax to Congress with LobbyByFax!
Let your elected officials know what you think! Send a free fax to Congress or your State Legislature with Interpage's LobbyByFax service using either a pre-composed letter on current issues, or write your own letter to Congress and/or your State Representatives using the blank form.

Sending a free fax to Congress via the Interpage/ LobbyByFax system should take only 30 seconds or so, and we do not track, market, sell, or contact you in any way, so please take a few moments and tell your Congressional and/or State Representatives what you think!
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FreeSMS-Page / Interpage Privacy Policy:
Interpage's FreeSMS-Page Service lets you measure the speed and reliability of Interpage's messaging/paging services. We do NOT use any numbers entered for future solicitations nor is any information sold to outside sources or used for marketing or tracking purposes of any kind. The FreeSMS-Page service is solely provided as a means to evaluate Interpage's messaging services and is otherwise unsupported. Please see our NO TRACKING policy for details.

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Or call us at +1 (650) 331-3900 during US Pacific Business Hours.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our faxing or other services!

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To receive additional information about Interpage's Services, please go to:
Know with certainty that your messages will be received!
OutVoice provides natural sounding text-to-speech voice notification and/or WAV sound file alerts to landlines, cellphones, satellite phones and other voice devices, with receipt confirmation.
Try the free demo!
Control your fax costs with flat-rate faxing!
Interpage's FaxUnlimited service lets you fax to all of the US and Canada for a fixed monthly fee, with no per-fax or per-minute charges!
Enhance or replace your pager with DirectPage!
Get numeric and alpha-dispatched messages on your smartphone, tablet, or cellphone, and/or pager, as well as on up to 10 additional devices or destinations!
Receive online orders immediately on your fax machine and cellphone!
Restaurants, Delivery/take-outs, and Online Stores are faxed with hard-copy orders from their web sites via InFax. SMS/Cellphone and e-mail notification is also available
Have your automated equipment, alarms, and industrial control devices call only one number!
Use the Interpage to accept TAP and/or Touch Tones from alarm systems and automated equipment and send messages to multiple users/devices.
Need to add cellphone/SMS, email, fax and voice notification to your paging or voicemail system?
Interpage can provide custom-branded messaging to existing enterprise voicemail system, to provide scheduled/filtered notifications to cellphones, pagers, email and fax without requiring any new equipment or software!
Need to add cellphone/SMS, email, fax and voice notification to your paging or voicemail system?
Interpage can provide custom-branded messaging to existing enterprise voicemail system, to provide scheduled/filtered notifications to cellphones, pagers, email and fax without requiring any new equipment or software!
Thank you for using Interpage's FreeFax (sm) service!

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Send a free test Text Message, SMS or Page!

The Interpage SMS/Text test messaging service sends test text/SMS, graphic/multimedia/MMS, and long (greater than 160 characters) multiple text messages to US and Canadian cellular phones, and is available as a BETA trial. 

The Test SMS/MMS/Text messaging service may be accessed from any US and Canadian cellular phone by dialing (650) 456-4556 from the mobile phone to be tested. Callers should follow the instructions and menu prompts to select their carrier, after which their desired type of text or MMS message will be immediately sent to their phone. 

Interpage's SMS/Text test service is free to use, and no information (other than the phone number to send the test message to) is gathered from the calling phone. Interpage does not sell any calling information, nor will callers be called as a result of use of the test service. (Note: Although most modern calling plans offer free long distance to call the test number, and do not charge to receive text/SMS and multimedia/MMS messages, a few plans may still charge for such use; these charges, if any, are imposed by the carrier, not Interpage; please check with your carrier for details.) 

(The free SMS/text service does not accept calls from toll-free, unknown, private or non-North American callers at this time.)


For additional information on Interpage's Messaging and Paging services, please select from:

          Messaging/Paging Main Menu

          Free Test Services Main

          Direct Page Virtual Pager and Pager to Cell Phone service

          TAP Alpha Messaging reception to SMS/e-mail.

Send a page to an Interpage Customer

This section allows you to send text, alpha, or numeric messages to an Interpage customer, provided that the user has configured his or her WebPage options to receive Web-based messages.

To send messages to Interpage customers, simply enter the user's account name, followed by your alpha or numeric message in the spaces provided below, and click 'Send' when done. (Your message should be delivered in less than 30 seconds.)
Interpage Account: (Case sensitive!)



Additional free test messaging and other services are available via the Interpage Test Services Main Page.
Send a page to other (non-Interpage) systems

To send an alpha message to a non-Interpage customer/system, please select the cellular, messaging, or paging carrier or system you wish to page from the drop-down box below. After you have selected the system, please enter the cellular phone number or pager ID. You may then type in your message, which can be as long as you wish. Messages longer than the destination pager's display capability will be broken up into multiple messages so the recipient will see all of your message

(Note for paging customers: The pager ID is generally the pager's phone number (eg, 10 digits without the leading "1") or a 6 to 8 digit number which idenitifies your pager to your paging system. Do not use any spaces, dashes, or punctuation -- just enter your pager ID, pager number, or mobile phone number as a string of digits. If you don't know your pager ID, please contact your paging provider. Some paging systems have multiple access methods to their service, so if you see your system listed and are sure your ID/mobile # is correct but are still not getting pages, check with your carrier as to all the areas they may service and select an alternate based on their response from the list below. If you don't see your paging provider on the list below, and would like us to consider it for addition to the FreePage service, please contact us to inquire if we nay be able to add the given system.)

Select the paging system:

Enter the Pager ID/PIN:



Additional free test messaging and other services are available via the Interpage Test Services Main Page.


Other Interpage Free Test and Related Services

Interpage Free Test Services Main Page

Send a free test fax: The Interpage FreeFax test service will send a free fax to any US/Canada number to evaluate the speed and reliability of Interpage's OutFax and FaxUnlimited Services.

Interpage Re-Fax Service: The Interpage Re-Fax service allows any US/Canada fax sender to send a fax to (650) 530-9014, and if the fax is successfully received, it will be re-sent to the originating (sender's) number. Additional details on the Re-Fax service are available under the "Receive Fax" tab of Interpage Free Test Fax Services page.

OutVoice and Voicemail Test: Leave a voicemail and have it played back to phone from which you called as a test of Interpage's OutVoice and Voicemail broadcast, reception, messaging, and notification services. The OutVoice and Voicemail test service may be accessed by calling (510) 315-1211 and leaving a brief message on the Interpage Voicemail Service, which will be replayed to the US/Canada phone from which you are calling from. If you call from your cellular phone, a confirmation Text/SMS message will be sent to you.

Voice Delay and Latency Test - The Cellular and Voice-Over-IP Latency Test allows callers to listen for Voice-over-IP and digital cellular induced delays and latency (as compared to traditional landlines). The latency test demonstrates the delays in audio transmission, making conversation more difficult, which are inherent in (digital) cellular and VoIP telephone calls, and is accessed via +1 (802) 359-9100

Caller ID Readback and Telemarketer Blocker: The Caller ID Readback reads back the Caller ID of callers to the (free) service, using a Bell System-like Automated Intercept Service (AIS) with original Bell System alert tones and sound recordings. The service may be accessed at (614) 448-1122. Additionally, customers who can control where calls are forwarded to from their mobile phones (such as via the "REJECT" option when an unwanted call comes in, generally via the "Busy-Transfer" feature) may set busy-transfer or a similar owner-controlled forwarding feature to send calls to the AIS Caller Readback so that telemarketers will hear their own number as being out of service!

• Other free services may be found on the Interpage Test Services Main Page.

Web-based Trial Form to establish an evaluative week-long trial for most of Interpage's services, with links to service-specific PDF trial forms for those who prefer to submit applications via PDF instead.

PRIVACY NOTICE: The Interpage Privacy Policy governs all Interpage Free Test Services. Interpage does not track, market, or sell any information obtained from use of the Free Test Services, nor will Interpage contact or market to those who use the service. Test customers may be assured that of the limited information which Interpage collects (in most cases a telephone number to deliver a fax, message or other service to), said information will only be used to complete the given test by calling, faxing, or messaging back to the test user in furtherance of completing the given test service which they had called.