Interpage(TM) Network Services Basic Messaging and Group Rate Plans
This page details Interpage's E-Mail to Pager/Cellphone/SMS (Individual) and Messaging/Paging Gateway (Group) Service Plans and Prices.

Interpage's Messaging and Paging Services provide an interconnection between the Internet and pagers, cellphones, international SMS mobiles, and other messaging devices. Messaging/Paging Services are offered in two primary modalities: Individuall and Gateway or Group, both of which are outlined below.

Note: For self-dispatch TAP/IXO access to pagers, where messages are distpatched to Interpage via modem-based "self-dispatch" software, and converted to e-mail, sent to pagers, cellphones, SMS, fax, text-to-speech, and other devices, please review the TAP/IXO description on the Ancillary/Self-Dispatch page.

Interpage also offers "numeric dispatch" port access for Touch Tone (DTMF) manual or automated entry and conversion/dissemination to e-mail, pager, cellphone, SMS, fax, text-to-speech, and other devices. The numeric gateway is described in more detail on the DirectPage(sm) page, as well as via the Self-Dispatch overview page.

Individual Accounts
Most individual (non-group) plans include all of Interpage's basic services, including e-mail paging, automated e-mail retrieval, e-mail forwarding and screening, page screening, Autoresponder and page confirmation messages, customizeable news, weather, and informational services, a personal reminder system, Intertalk(sm) access, full telnet and WWW customization and configuration access, and more!. If your pager has toll-free access or we have an existing relationship with your system, you may receive unlimited pages in a given month with no per use charge! (Otherwise, please see the table of rates below for per-page charges which may apply.) InFax(sm) and OutFax(sm) services are also available at the discounted rate of $5 per month for basic service with any individual paging gateway plan.
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Group/Multipoint OutPage Accounts
If you are an Web-commerce enterprise, ISP, Webmaster or Web-hosting firm, or need to utilize Interpage's completely automated messaging and paging gateway as a singular account to message to all of your and/or your customer's pagers, cellphones, SMS and other messaging devices, please refer to the Group Rates section in the table below. A protocol spec sheet for the OutPage procotol is located here.
Included pages
Extra non-"800" pages
Free/Unlimited "800"
8 cents
7 cents
8 cents
Group / Multipoint
Included pages
Extra non-"800" pages
Free/Unlimited "800"
Group I
10 cents
0 included, $.10 per page
Group II
9 cents
500 included, then 8 Cents
Group III
8 cents
5000 included, then 7 Cents
Group IV
10000 included, then 6 Cents
Group V
6 cents
25000 included,then 5 Cents
Group VI
     0 cents
0 cents

Group VI/Tier 006 offers unlimited US paging on a standby basis; time
commitments do not apply to Group VI/006 accounts and pages are sent out as capacity is available.

Outpage(sm) customers who opt for the optional MultiPoint redundancy package pay a per page rate which is a combination of toll and/or per-page rates from the various call centers utilized for their redundant paging application, thus the above rates may be used to compute a cost basis PER SITE for a given MutliPoint Outpage account.

There is a one-time set up fee equivalent to the selected monthly rate basis for all accounts, and a prorated set-up charge may also apply for partial initial months of service.

* Student is half off of the basic monthly rate for any full-time student. Valid student id, paid tuition bill, and/or proof of enrollment required. Student rates can not be applied towards any discounts.

NOTE: (Group/Gateway ONLY): Other group/gateway plans are also available, please inquire for details. Charges may also accrue for pager additions/ modifications (if special/manual configurations are needed; this is not commonly required) and/or for large group accounts' pager storage, please inquire for details. The rate is currently $5 per addition/modification.

NOTE: Effective 01/01/2003, all grandfathered Tier I/Group I paging plans have been transitioned to the posted Tier I/Group I rates. Pleae consult the mailing dated 11/18/2002 for details, or review the "Group I" rates, above.

NOTE: There is a $10 set-up fee per Individual account paying by credit card, $15 if payment will be made by check. Group/Multipoint accounts are billed a set-up fee equivalent to one month's service rate basis which will appear on the first month's invoice.


*BASIC PLAN: $9.95 per month. The plan is Flat Rate for users with 800, 888, or 877 access numbers to the TAP/IXO "self-dispatch" port to your paging company. We also have agreements with many of the larger US/Canadian paging companies for free paging even if they do not provide you with an 800/888/877 access number to the self-dispatch terminal. Please contact us for details.

With the Basic Plan, all pages are unmetered/unlimited, and we charge only a flat rate per month (providing we have an 800/888/877 or direct access method to your paging company; your numeric number does not have to be 800/888/877, only the "self-dispatch" number). The only time a Basic customer with 800/888/877 or direct access will pay anything higher is if they make outward pages (FOP/VOP) to other non-800/888/877 pagers, send faxes to non-800/888/877 numbers, or utilize some other per-use aspect of their Basic Service Plan.

Non-800/888/877 or those who use paging company which with Interpage does not have a direct access agreement will pay 8 cents per page, and non-800/888/877/direct alpha pages as a result of the same piece of e-mail will be billed at 3 cents per additional page.

*VALUE PLAN: $19.95 per month. Pages are billed per page, with the first 150 pages included per month. Subsequent pages are 7 cents per page. 800/888/877 self-dispatch customers would only choose this plan if they intend to make a large number of outbound pages. Pages generated as a result of the same piece of e-mail for non-800/888/877 alpha pagers will be rated at 3 cents per additional page.

*STUDENT PLAN: Half of the Basic Plan, the Student Plan is rated at $4.95 per month, with free unlimited 800/888/877 pages and 8 cents per page for all others, 3 cents per additional alpha page. A current paid tuition bill, student ID, and/or proof of full-time enrollment are required. No discounts will apply to student accounts.

*Group I Plan: Oriented towards customers who need to access and page many different paging, mobile, or messaging systems in the US/Canada or worldwide (higher per page rates apply), this plan offers ALL pages (both toll and toll-free) at 10 cents per page. Charges for manual/customized additions and modifications to pagers listed in your account may apply; please inquire for details. Pager pre-registration is not required in most cases

* Group II Plan: Oriented towards customers who need to access and page many different paging systems in the US/Canada or worldwide (higher per page rates apply) with moderate toll-free use expected from month to month, this plan offers 500 toll-free pages per month, after which each additional toll-free page (eg, from 501 and on) are billed at 8 cents per page. All toll pages are billed at 9 cents per page. Charges for manual/customized additions and modifications to pagers listed in your account may apply; please inquire for details. Pager pre-registration is not required in most cases.

* Group III, IV, V Plan: Similar to Group II but intended for sites with moderate to heavy usage, offers guaranteed bandwidth for simultaneous messaging (especially useful for paging to numeric paging systems), robust confirmation protocols, real-time billing, and discounted UK and SMS messaging costs. Toll and toll-free pages are billed according to the schedule of rates, above. Charges for manual/customized additions and modifications to pagers listed in your account may apply; please inquire for details. Pager pre-registration is not required in most cases.

* Group VI Plan: An OutPage(sm) pricing variant offering unlimited paging to the 50 US States and Washington DC. Customers may send as many pages as they wish in a given calendar month with no per-use or per-message charges. The Unlimited/006 option does NOT offer a time commitment for page delivery; it is designed primarily for ad-hoc use where immediate delivery to a given paging system/terminal is not critical. Although generally pages may be distributed within a few seconds, there may be times that longer delays occur. Customers who require a more specific delivery window may instead opt for plans from Group I to V, which offer dedicated capacity and thus predictable delivery timings.

Users may change billing plans at will, but these changes will not become effective until the first day of the month immediately subsequent to the month in which the change/modification request was made.

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