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Some of your best prospects spend most of their time on the Internet...
...You need to spend most of your time running your business.
If you don't have the staffing or time to monitor for new messages regularly, or e-mails need to be directed to a given physical location(s) to be printed for an immediate, verifiable response, the automated InFax service is the perfect solution!
Restaurants, Take-Outs/Deliveries, Delis and Small Businesses which need to immediately receive and fulfill online orders and inquiries can use InFax to automatically receive hard-copy messages and e-mails at one or more locations, directly from and integrated with web site(s), order fulfillment systems, inquiry pages, and similar online content. 

Besides being sent to one (or more) fax machines for hard-copy order/inquiry printouts, InFax can also send received messages to cellphones, pagers, regular telephones, and forward them to one or more email addresses, with delivery to these end devices/addresses scheduled (if needed) by time-of-day, day-of-the-week, the sender, and/or their content.  

InFax alternately allows you to have an email address which anyone on the Internet -- customers, prospects, or even friends and relatives -- may send to, which will automatically and immediately be sent to one or more fax machines, mobile phones, pagers, and/or email addresses which you specify.

If you don't have the staffing or time to monitor for new messages regularly, or e-mails need to be directed to a given physical location(s) to be printed for an immediate, verifiable response, the automated InFax service is the perfect solution!

(Note: Larger/enterprise customers requiring dynamic destinations on a per-fax basis and/or high volume faxing, please refer to the OutFax Service Page for details.) 

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InFax Overview

InFax Restaurant, Take-Out, and Online ordering to fax, text/sms, pager chart: Interpage Internet Fax InFax Chart depicitng online orders without InFax to email and how they can be missed or ignored, and with the InFax Online Order and Notification Service which immediately faxes orders to restaurants, take-outs, delis, parts stores, and other merchants. Also shown are optional notifications of new orders to cellphones, smartphones, pagers, e-mail and landlines

Although web-based order and response systems offer unparalleled opportunities to gain attention for your business and maintain close ties with your customers, many of the hyperbolic claims regarding these opportunities can only be realized with a full-time Internet marketing staff or constant monitoring of new inquiries to present prospective customers with a positive and responsive image of your firm. A take-out restaurant with an unfilled web-based order, parts supply house which is out-of-stock for a pre-ordered customer pickup, or delivery service which fails to deliver will quickly lose a repeat customer!

Internet-based customers demand complete, accurate, and most importantly rapid responses to their queries, and late, untimely or missed responses means your customer and prospects are likely to move on to your competitors who have the facilities and/or staffing and manpower to respond rapidly and accurately.

Even if you aren't a large business, offering your customers the ability to place orders and have them sent directly to the appropriate locations for fulfillment provides a 24-hour marketing and customer retention tool which translates into improved customer response time, satisfied long-term customers, and ultimately higher returns on your marketing and customer service investments.

Interpage's InFax(sm) service provides a simple and time-saving solution to your Internet marketing and support needs, which can not be matched solely by SMS, text-messaging, and/or receving short messages on your smartphone, Blackberry or other phone or smart device: InFax assigns your business a unique (generally e-mail based) address, such as business@interpage.net which your web site and/or direct customer inquiries or support issues to are sent to. Upon receipt, Interpage immediately transmits the order or inquiry to one or more fax machines (as well as phones, voice, and email if needed) so you or your support staff can respond. 

Unlike other restaurant, delivery, or on-line ordering services, InFax requires no special programming, re-design of a given store's web page, APIs, or changes of any kind to an establishment's current web site! Instead, e-mails which used to be sent to the store or restaurant are instead sent to your InFax address, and once this simple change is made, orders will be faxed to one ore more fax machines, sent to one or more cell phones, paged to one more more pagers, called in via OutVoice to one more more telephones, and/or emailed to one or more destinations. Other than a one-time change to the delivery email address, there are no other changes, coding, or programmingneeded to set up and utilize InFax!

Additionally, the received faxes and their content are immutable -- they can not be changed or modified as e-mail or other electronic media can be, and serve as an automated, dispositive, and verifiable resource in the event of an order or communications conflict with customers or suppliers. 

Received faxes will appear exactly as they would as if you had logged in with your computer and checked your e-mail, with the sender's complete message header, including name, date, time, and reply e-mail address, as well the entire body of their message. Faxes can be directed to one or more fax machines, or, using the InFax online scheduler utility, scheduled to be delivered to different fax machines based on time or day, day of the week, and/or message header codeword or content. Copies of the received messages may also be sent using the same scheduler utility to one or more e-mail addresses, mobile phones, pagers, and other destinations. 

The InFax service serves as an economical bridge or gateway for small to medium scale order and inquiry fulfillment: Costs start at $10 per month plus 10 cents per minute for faxes which are sent to you. 

An unlimited InFax option is also available which allows for unmetered, flat-rate InFax use for the fixed monthly price of $75 per month. Unlimited InFax service is available to most US and Canadian destinations.

(Higher volume customers or those who send to a large set of variable fax destinations may also wish to consider the OutFax enterprise fax gateway service.) 

Stop watching your competitors beat you to establishing an effective Internet presence -- get InFax and stay in touch! 

Features InFax offers: 

* Real-time, immediate faxing of orders, inquiries and/or e-mail messages from web-sites, online-order pages, inquiry sites, or other web servers/applications, to one or more fax machines at your business.

* Cellphone, Pager, Voice, and E-mail notification are also included, with a rules-based schedule and filter to discriminate which messages and notifications go to which device. Orders and other messages can be monitored and managed from a mobile device without any additional software or apps.

* An optional/included personal and unique e-mail address which prospects and customers can e-mail to; they will never know their e-mail is being faxed (or sent as a text-message or page) to you and you will never need to monitor an e-mail account, use a third party mail provider which may scan your mail, or refularly check your existing account.

* Economical -- InFax costs just $10 plus 10 cents per minute for fax time to anywhere within the US, Canada, most of Europe, Australia and New Zealand. An unlimited InFax price plan is also available to most US and Canadian locations for $75 per month.

* International customers outside of the above areas may also use InFax at discounted International rates listed on the International Fax rates page.

* Web/online ordering and messaging (optional, no additional cost, a Web page is NOT required) Form Data filtering is available at no additional charge (this makes some detailed orders from your site appear in an enhanced format for easy reading).

*Optional Touch Tone access to retrieve your e-mail inquiries and messages via fax while traveling at any fax machine worldwide!

* Screening and restriction of responses to certain hours of the day and filtering of e-mails so they reach the correct food prepar's or department's fax machine, phone, or email. 

* Detailed monthly list of orders, responses, and inquiries.

* Discounted package plan with our WebFax Pro Service which allows you to create and update Web pages and sites with your fax machine, as well as WebAlert online order submissions.

Who needs InFax?

* Restaurants and take-out delis who want to receive immediate hard-copy orders from their Web sites, online order aggregators, and/or directly from customers who e-mail in orders

* Parts stores and retailers who need to respond in a timely manner to orders placed from their Web site

* Supermarkets and grocery stores with pick-up or local delivery services

* Any business or concern which needs to be responsive to Internet-based prospects and customers but does not have the time or staffing to continuously check their e-mail for new messages and/or needs a hard copy (paper) order to ensure the timeliness of a response and proper follow-up and follow-through for customer fulfillment.


InFax service costs $10 per month, plus a one-time set up fee of $10. 

All faxes sent to anywhere within the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and most of Europe are billed at 10 cents (US) per minute. E-Mail forwarding to other e-mail addresses (if needed), automated POP-Mail retrieval from other e-mail addresses, Web and telnet configuration access are also included at no additional charge. Text messaging and paging to the US/Canada is also included; outside of the US/Canada per message charges may apply. Voice notifications to telephones are billed 10 cents per minute. 

Unlimited use InFax service costs $75 per month with no per-use or per-minute fax charges; all faxing is flat rate. E-Mail forwarding, text messaging, paging, and voice notification are also included with no per use charges. Unlimited InFax service is available to most US and Canadian destinations. 


To receive additional information about Interpage's Fax or other Services, please contact us via: 

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Telephone: +1 (650) 331-3900 

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We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our fax or other services!
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