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Interpage Policies and Service Agreement

Listed below are the Interpage Service Policies and Terms of Service which all Interpage subscribers must adhere to during their service with Interpage.

For details regarding Web-based privacy and Interpage's "No Tracking" policies, please visit the Web Privacy page.

If you have any questions regarding our service policies, please feel free to call us at +1 (650) 331-3900, and we will be glad to assist you.

Thank you!

I N T E R P A G E - Policy Statement and Terms of Service

[] Interpage's General Service Policies

Interpage reserves the right to change our posted policies at will, although we will generally make a good faith attempt to notify all customers of any pending changes and offer ample time for customers to adjust their accounts with us, if necessary, prior to enactment of any policy change.

1. BILLING: Interpage will provide its variety of service offerings to applicants which it feels are creditworthy and do not pose a risk of default. All Interpage customers must agree to make timely payments of their invoiced charges.

Interpage will bill customers with complete and accurate details of all charges. Customers generally have at least 15 days in which to remit payment. INSI reserves the right to assign other "net" periods if so stated upon account activation. If a customer chooses to pay via credit card, Interpage will generally refrain from processing the customer's credit card payment until a reasonable time has passed to afford the customer the opportunity to scrutinize the bill and notify us of any errors and/or discrepancies.

Customers from whom payment is not received within 30 days, and/or whose credit card is denied, expired, or for some other reason unable to be processed will be warned of this condition, and if payment arrangements are not made, may be subject to termination after 30 days from the bill date have passed (15 days in the case of customers in poor standing and/or those who have had one or more latenesses, delinquencies, and/or other delayed payments beyond their account's net period in the past 12 monthly billing cycles).

Interpage may also discontinue/terminate any aspect of a customer's account prior to full suspension/termination if it feels there is a reasonable likelihood that a customer will default, be unable to make full payment in a timely manner, and/or if the customer refuses to pay a given aspect of their service charges without sufficient cause grounded in difficulties directly related to a failure of one or more of said customer's subscription services with INSI.

A failure to receive pages, faxes, or other communications which does not result from an error, failing, malfeasance, misfeasance or other internal inability of Interpage to perform a paging, faxing, or communications function in accordance with a reasonable construction of aforementioned services shall not be construed as "difficulties" as they result from circumstances outside of Interpage's control, purview and thus responsibility.

A completed or sent or billable page/fax/communication shall be construed as Interpage's use of its facilities to perform said function regardless of completion of transmission to the end user, device, terminal, equipment or other destination; the attempt by Interpage to perform the given function shall be deemed as "completed" or "sent". Additionally, certain services or componets thereof, such as, but not limited to, the OUTSYS, OUTANY, SMSGATE, DATABSE and other messaging, paging, voice, fax and general 'mailedit' or 'mail editor' or 'config' commands, which are generated and controlled solely by a given account holder/customer and/or assignee, are presumed billable upon receipt and dialout attempt by Interpage, and will be billed as billable calls/dialouts. It is the account holder/customer's sole responsibility to ensure that all dialout parameters are accurate. A failure to ensure that messages and voice messages, faxes, text/SMS/MMS messages, pages, and other communications are sent to a correct destination(s) will neverthless result in billing charges for an account holder/customer regardless of the call's, fax's, message's or in general communication's ultimate disposition/delivery to the intended or unintended recipient, for which the account holder/customer is solely responsible.

Interest, past due, and other charges may accrue for any charge, regardless of a customer's selected payment option, in the event that payment is not received by the designated due date as indicated by invoice. Customers who are sent to our collections agency or agencies and/or terminated, who wish to reinstate service, must pay all applicable fees, including, but not limited to, interest charges, collection charges, activation charges, past due charges and any other charges which INSI deems reasonable and appropriate to compensate INSI for its expenses in attempting to collect or obtain delinquent funds from a given past due, terminated or otherwise uncollectable account, and/or due to losses suffered as result of said delinquency.

Customers who are more than 30 days past due, that is, customers from whom we are unable to collect payment in full in any given 30 day period subsequent to the generation of a monthly invoice are considered technically suspended, regardless of whether an actual account suspension has taken place. Such a technical suspension allows Interpage (and only Interpage) to consider, if it so chooses, void any prior agreements for service, contracts, fee waivers, or any other agreement between Interpage and customer OTHER THAN those terms contained in this Service Agreement. In general, this instant provision allows Interpage to void special rate concessions or other agreements between Interpage and customer without a full suspension of customer's given account(s), at Interpage's sole discretion (e.g., a customer may not void an additional agreement automatically by not paying for over 30 days; the determination is soley Interpage's). A multiple account customer who/which allows one account to become past due and thus technically suspended may be subject to technical and/or full suspension of all of said customers' accounts.

Any suspension (technical, actual, or otherwise), default, or cancellation may result in the release and/or re-assignment of domain names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and any/all assignments made and/or registered by Interpage to delineate and/or designate a given customer's account/service with Interpage. Generally, any (but not limited to) domain name registered by or hosted with Interpage, e-mail address, pager, DirectPage access number, FaxUp Access number, PIN, CapCode, or any other such assignment IS THE SOLE PROPERTY OF INTERPAGE and may be re-assigned subsequent to any form of suspension or similar account action, or it may retained by Interpage and not re-assigned.

Customers further agree that if paying by credit card that they will uphold the terms of their credit card agreement. Customers who do not opt to pay via credit card, or who opt in a given month to use an alternate form of payment, may be subject to additional payment charges. Partial credit card or other payments will not prevent interest, penalty, and other charges relating to the past-due status/delinquency of an account from being applied to a given past-due account, nor will they prevent service suspension and/or account termination.

Interpage reserves the right to refuse stored-value cards, gift cards, and/or any other means of payment which utilizes the Visa or Mastercard payment fulfillment system(s), American Express Merchant clearinghouse, Discover Payment Systems, or other similar organization, system, or methodology which is not an actual credit card where the cardholder has not been extended a given line of credit by the issuing bank or financial institution. Interpage further reserves to right to refuse acceptance of cards where the given credit limit is lower than the expected usage charges for a given Interpage account for a period of 3 months or less.

Interpage customers who pay by credit card and who Interpage receives more than 3 "declined" (generally, but not limited to "over the limit") responses in any given 12 month period during Interpage's attempts to process the given card for payment may be subject to a 50 cent surcharge per subsequent "declined" response for future attempts to process said card or payment, or, should such a charge be prohibited by customer's bank/credit card issuer, immediate termination without further notice. Interpage will send at least two notices of the "declined" status (or other status whereby we are unable to collect payment from a given credit card or similar payment mechanism) prior to the imposition of said fees and/or immediate termination. Should a termination occur as a result of too many declined or other similar uncollectable responses, all penalty and reactivation charges, as well as other charges, will apply should customer wish to reactivate.

Certain credits, such as those for obtaining new customers, courtesy credits in certain cases, non-resale referral credits, prorated charges, service deposit charges, and others, may only be applied towards past, existing, or continued service, and may not be transferred without demonstrable approval from Interpage via authenticated e-mail, fax, or postal notification confirming INSI's accession to such a transfer. Said credits may take up to 3 months to be applied to a given account or paid if said option is available to given resale agent; all credits for customer referral will be forfeited should referral customer initiate a chargeback and/or have a check returned for Nonsufifficient Funds of any other failure to pay full and proper charges to Interpage in a timely manner during the first 120 days of service with Interpage.

No credit shall be issued for service interruptions and/or difficulties which do not directly stem or result from a deviation from the normal operation of a given Interpage service or product, including, but not limited to, network difficulties from a given customer's site(s) / server(s) to Interpage, server/software/scripting or other outages and/or errors at a given customer's servers, site, hosted service provider or any other site, service, location, device, or network not specifically and directly under Interpage's control, network routing or "instability" issues, delayed delivery of Internet traffic, telephone outages or difficulties at a given Local Exchange Carrier or Carriers, Interexchange Carrier(s) outages or difficulties, Domain Name Service (DNS) outages or related issues, and Domain Name Service "Reverse Lookup" outages and related issues.

Credits for pager rental deposits (excluding early termination), unused trial toll-charge deposits, and other equipment deposits are refundable provided that the specific terms of each agreement, respectively, are observed and the customer is in good standing with INSI at the time of the credit request. All credits or service refunds will be made via check payment in US funds within 60 days of final invoicing. Final invoicing may be delayed for up to 60 days past the date of cancellation in order to properly account for toll, overpage, or any/all other charges which were not reported to the given account prior to the final date of service and/or tentative final invoice.

Non-Refundable prepayments: Any payments made in advance, generally, but not limited to, payments made on a given account so as to precluide the need to make regular monthly payments, are non-refundable, and constitue pre-payment in anticipation of use of service. As such, customers who opt to make non-desposit, service payments may not expect to receive prorated or partial refunds should they elect to cancel service prior to billing cycle in which pre-payment funds become exhausted. Customers who are terminated or suspended for cause may not receive any pre-payment refunds, and may not utilize the pre-payment process as a means to circumvent Interpage policies with would otherwise result in a given customer's termination of service.

Billing periods are monthly (unless otherwise agreed to in writing), and customers are billed as such. Unless special arrangements are made, Interpage does not provide prorated cancellation charges. All service deletions to an account or full cancellations will be completed on the last day of the billing cycle in which a given deletion/cancellation request was made and charged accordingly. In the event a given service is not deleted/canceled after the last day of a given month in which the deletion/cancellation request was made and acceded to by Interpage via demonstrable means, then the customer will not be charged service fees for a given deleted service or canceled account past the final day of the month/billing cycle in which the request wasmade. However, per-use charges for service such as (but not limited to) faxing, e-mail paging and package overpage charges, EPOS, etc., will apply, providing the customer continues to initiate the use of or if under standards of reasonableness and good faith observes the operation of these services and fails to re-notify Interpage of the customer's desire to delete a given service or cancel their subscription entirely. Special interim statements may be issued for services where customer uses a given per-use service above and beyond a pre-determined dollar amount. These invoices will be due by the due date and/or charged to an authorized credit/debit card prior to the completion of a given billing cycle to ensure that customer is able to make payment for said services past the pre-determined dollar amount.

BILLING DISPUTES: Customers may notify Interpage in writing within 60 days of a given invoice date if they suspect an error in charges and/or billing on the given invoice. After 60 days from a given invoice date, customer agrees that all charges are considered final and irrevocable. Note: This section shall not be construed to limit Interpage in any way from assessing and collecting unbilled charges from prior billing cycles, in any.

Additionally, Interpage does not generally retain "raw" customer billing records for more than 60 days from a given invoice date and thus can not, subsequent to 60 days, re-rate or adjust bills based on errors in a given customer's raw data/usage logs. Customers may also contact Interpage by telephone to resolve billing issues, however, only writings (via fax or postal mail, e-mail is not acceptable) within 60 days of a given invoiced date will preserve billing records past the 60 day period.

In some cases, a Research Fee of $140 per hour (billed in quarter-hour periods of $35 per quarter, there is thus a mininum of $35 per inquiry per account, including resale or sub-accounts) may apply in the event that the billing issue is not a result of an error or miscalculation with respect to Interpage's pricing, billing or other policies on the part of Interpage. The Research Fee will generally be applied when the billed party (usually, but not limited to, the customer/account holder) initiates an inquiry or inquiries which are a result of perceived accounting or other errors, questions, or inquiries promulgated by said initiator/(customer) as to any aspect of their Interpage service which was provided and in due course subsequently billed/invoiced for, which the initiator/(customer) disputes or otherwise requests post facto investigation thereof. Additionally, the Research Fee may be supplemented by a $50 PER invoice/billing period research fee for any research request above and beyond the normal course of business related inquiries or where a response is mandated by a third party billing/payment processor in furtherance of fulfillment of an account holder's billing request.

TRANSFER OF RBA: A Transfer of Responsible Billing Authority (generally control of a given account, known as RBA) may ONLY be accomplished via an unambiguous, clearly articulated written instrument or release signed by the current RBA or duly authorized signatory as well as new signup or accession materials which Interpage may deem appropriate from the new RBA indicating that the original RBA is authorizing the release of control of a given account, that the new RBA is accepting control and billing responsibility for the given account, and that all charges, fees, past due charges, late fees, interest charges, and any other fees or charges which were assessed, incurred, or in Interpage's good faith determination properly the responsibility of the initial RBA will be honored in full by the new RBA unless Interpage waives such claims in writing to both the initial and new RBA's at the time of RBA transfer. A change of RBA where charges which have not yet accrued to the initial RBA for monthly, per-use, or other services (eg, charges which have not been billed at the time of transfer) may not be construed in any way to alleviate the new RBA from any of these charges, fees, or other costs unless specifically waived in writing by signed agreement by Interpage with both the initial and new RBAs.

Referral credits will be applied only if the referred customer(s) remains online and in good standing with Interpage for a period of at least one full billing cycle, or more, based on the referral requirements of a specific Interpage product or service.

Customers who provide a credit card to Interpage and then opt for alternate billing agree that in the event timely payment of all charges is not made to Interpage, Interpage may authorize and/or charge their card without prior notice for all outstanding charges.

Reactivation charges are generally billed as one month's base service of the given suspended account in the last month/billing cycle immediately prior to said suspension.

Customers who initiated service with a credit card but who no longer wish to ensure payment with their credit card must notify Interpage in writing, via postal mail or via fax (contact Interpage for delivery instructions, a fax or letter to our general mailbox/fax in unacceptable and will be rejected). The customer will then have the option of completing a credit application (if said customer is an incorporated business, partnership, or other entity registered with their local state/provincial government), and if approved by Interpage, Interpage will no longer use said credit card to ensure payment on the given customer's account. If the credit application is not approved, the customer must make all future payments in advance and bring their account up to date (if past due) or risk immediate suspension or termination of their account, after being notified that their application was rejected. Applications which are accepted may be subject to additional fees and service charges, contact Interpage for details.

Individual customers, non-incorporated businesses, or any entity which does not fall under the section immediately above may not apply for a business credit application, and must instead provide payment in advance for all current and future service. Failing timely receipt of such payment, Interpage will immediately terminate any credit card customer who no longer wishes to make payments via credit card and declines to make full payments in advance. Customers who opt to pay in advance may be subject to additional fees and service charges, contact Interpage for details.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations may only be made via the Interpage Service Modify/Cancel Form; please contact Interpage for details on how to obtain the current version of the form. Said forms should be completed and returned to Interpage via:

The Service Modify/Cancel form should be completed (as applicable) with the given account name/userid, username (Customer Name), password, e-mail address and postal address, and other required information indicated on the form.

Verbal and/or e-mail cancellations (that is, e-mails which do not contain a fully completed scan of the "Interpage Service Modify/Cancel Form") are considered ineffective regardless of content and will not be honored. Modified versions of the Service Modify/Cancel form are also considered inefefective and will not be honored.

Cancellations of accounts which include equipment rental which the customer wishes to return shall not be deemed complete until said equipment is returned via authenticated means (such as certified or courier mail).

"Free Trial" cancellations for accounts activated prior to 01/01/2000 must be received by Interpage (via any of the accepted mechanisms) within seven (7) days of account activation, as determined by when the standard "Welcome" message is sent to a given customer informing them that their account is now active, or earlier if prior notification of activation was given via alternate means. (Free trial accounts activated subsequent to 01/01/2000 will automatically de-activate after 7 days and do not require any cancelation notice on the part of the customer).

Service set-up and other activation fees are not prorated and are non-refundable; a non-billing trial account may be obtained for most services in order to evaluate a given service; however, once an account is activated via any standard billing mechanism there shall be no credits issued for "set-up" or "prorated service fees" incident to activation.

All cancellations will receive an e-mail or fax confirmation with a unique cancellation code embedded in the confirmation message for verification; customers are requested to save this cancellation notification as it serves as the only proof of timely and effective cancellation. If within four (4) business days of cancellation a given customer has not received a cancellation confirmation e-mail (or fax), they are strongly advised to contact Interpage to obtain a cancellation confirmation to ensure that their account is properly cancelled at the end of the billing cycle in which it was received.

There are NO prorated cancellations; accounts which are properly cancelled in a given month will be cancelled on the last day of that given month. Thus, if a cancellation is received on June 10th, the respective account will be cancelled on June 30th, at the close of business, Pacific Time.

As accounts are generally billed one month behind, a final invoice for service(s) will generally be sent at the end of the month after the month of effective cancellation. If a given account to be cancelled is not current and has a past due or other balance in arrears, the account's services will be cancelled as per the above, but the account will continue to receive invoices, with applicable late, interest, and other fees, after service has been cancelled, until such point that all obligations have been satisfied for the given account.

Thus, using the example above, the chronology of cancellation would be as follows:
    1. June 10th - Interpage receives effective cancellation via the Service Modify/Cancel Form.

    2. June 14th - Within 4 days, Interpage will confirm cancellation via e-mail or fax. If cancellation confirmation is not received within 4 business days, customers are advised to contact Interpage to ensure their account is properly cancelled.

    3. June 30th - Account is cancelled at the close of business, Pacific Time

    4. July 28th - On or about July 28th, a final (providing account is current) invoice is prepared.

    5. Aug 4/15 - Credit Card customers would have their final invoice charged on or about August 4th, while check and all non-credit card customers' final payment is due no later than August 15th.

TERMS: All Interpage contracts and service agreements are month to month unless specified otherwise in a given contract or written agreement signed by an authorized Interpage officer, and shall in no case ever be binding for a period of more than 365 days (even if so authorized). Under no circumstances will Interpage enter into or be bound by a "negative option" contract, a contract which automatically renews, or any other contract whose term lasts or may last longer than 365 days, unless additional and specifically enumerated consideration is made and itemized in said contract or binding agreement to Interpage for said negative option. A failure to provide for additional consideration for such a provision and to specifically itemize/enumerate it in the contract will render any such provision void in any contract entered into by Interpage NSI.

Prospective and/or custom rate quotes, unless otherwise indicated, are offered for a period of 60 days subsequent to submission to the prospective customer or for the legnth of a service trial (if utilized; custom rates need to be explicitly specified in a given trial's "Welcome" message for this provision to be in effect), whichever is greater. Should a service contract not be entered into within the 60 day period subsequent to the offering, or at the cessation of a service trial entered into as part of a given custom rate quote (whichever is greater), the custom rate quote shall be automatically withdrawn and may no longer relied upon as a valid offer.

Tier I service agreements are generally month to month and the above TERMS apply *with the exception of*: FaxBox, EPOS, and International Paging Gateway and other International Paging Gateway services for a period of six (6) months, or where otherwise indicated for a greater minimum service term, unless terminated earlier by Interpage. Such customers are required to maintain active accounts for a 6-month (or greater where indicated) period from the date of service initiation. Should customer cancel prior to the end of the given 6-month (or greater) period, a minimum $30 early termination charge will apply, or the termination fee indicated on the rateplan itemization for that given plan, whichever is greater. A customer who fails to pay for any reason and/or who Interpage is unable to secure payment from after 30 days of invoicing for a given invoice cycle during the 6-month (or greater) commitment period will be constructively terminated and the indicated or $30 early termination fee (whichever is greater) will apply, as well as any other fees and charges which Interpage may levy as may be stipulated in other any other section(s) of this agreement.

CHARGEBACKS: Any customer or subscriber account who/which undertakes a chargeback against Interpage or its affiliates whereby they indicate to their credit card/bank card/etc. issuer that they are questioning/disputing a portion or all of a given charge or charges may result, due to the failure of Interpage to have effectively collected timely payment, in the immediate suspension of service until the chargeback is remedied and funds previously collected by Interpage, if any, are returned by the card issuer and/or clearinghouse. Interpage may require additional writings by subscriber/cardholder and/or additional documentation prior to re-activating an account to ensure the authenticity of given subscriber/cardholder's payment(s) for past, current, and future Interpage service(s). Accounts can not be cancelled and interest, late, and other fees may accrue while any/all chargeback inquiries on that given account and/or associated accounts/subaccounts is still pending. Customers who initiate a chargeback and then cancel service are advised to remedy all outstanding debts, including the disputed amount, prior to cancellation to avoid addtional fees and penalties.

COURTESY CREDITS/CONDITIONAL CREDIT: Interpage may, at its sole discretion, award credits to certain customers for its own interests, generally, but not limited to, amicably resolving billing disputes, late payments, omnibus reconcilliation of fees, charges, and other customer account/payment costs and issues, etc. Any such credits are purely a courtesy on behalf of Interpage to a given customer and/or or for its own interests, and should not be construed as any waiver or modification of any of Interpage's Service Policies nor serve as any indication of prospective courtesies/credits going forward and are purely awarded at Interpage's discretion and for its convenience. Conditional Credits shall similarly be awarded by Interpage, and are conditioned upon subsequent full and timely payments of all invoiced amounts, for a fixed period of time, generally, but not limited to, 12 months of prompt payment. (Prompt payment being no payment arriving more than 20 days past invoice date; a chargeback, returned check, or any other event which prevents Interpage from receiving timely payment within 20 days of a given invoice's invoice date will serve to vitiate any prior prompt payment by a given customer and result in a recission of a Conditional Credit.) Should payment during any month of the conditional period not be received by Interpage as per the above, the Conditional Credit shall be rescinded and re-applied, with prejudice, to the given customer's account, due immediately, and thus subjecting the given account to additional late, interest, penalty and other fees, as well as potential termination and suspension until said account is satisfied in full, including the rescinded Conditional Credit amount.

Late Fees, Interest Charges, and other fees associated with missed, late, partial, or other similar payments where the full invoiced amount is not received within 28 days of a given invoice's date (or in the case of an account which is already late/in arears and/or not in good standing, 14 days) may be requested via the INSI Credit Request Form. The Credit Request Form should be completed and signed, and received by Interpage no later than 60 days subsequent to the invoice date for the invoice which contains the given charge for which a credit is being requested.

In no case will a credit be issued 60 days or more after a given invoice date; this includes late fees, interest charges, and other associated fees. All credits must be submitted prior to 60 days from the date of the invoice on which the charge appeared. Accounts which are not in good standing, past due, or for any other reason which are not fully in accordance with INSI's policies must bring their account into a position of good standing prior to the consideration by INSI of their written request for credits.

COLLECTION/RECOVERY: All Interpage customers agree that in the event that Interpage is forced (by exhaustion of direct billing via normal billing procedures and/or a good faith effort to contact a given customer and inform them of the delinquency of their account or other reasonable efforts to recover balances due to Interpage) to engage in collection/legal activities to recover past due, delinquent, or otherwise unpaid balances, that in addition to whatever fees Interpage assesses to past due, delinquent, or otherwise unpaid balances that any such customer subject to collection/recovery activities will be responsible for all legal, attorney, filing, collection, recovery, and any and all other costs, without limitation, associated with the recovery action to obtain payments, balances and/or monies rightfully due to Interpage.

2. SERVICE: Interpage Network Services Inc. makes reasonable efforts to ensure that its services are performed in a manner concomitant to those of similarly situated service providers on the Internet and Telecommunications industries. We endeavor to prove to be useful, efficient, and responsive to our users at all times. However, as is the nature of the Internet and its interconnected systems, problems such as, but not constrained to, outages, link failures, power difficulties, telephone outages, network overload, etc. may have an adverse affect on Interpage's services. While Interpage NSI will generally strive to mitigate, if possible, the negative effects of such difficulties, Interpage NSI, and its affiliated concerns, will in no way be held liable in any manner for loss(es) suffered as a result of any such difficulty. Interpage may at any time and for any reason suspend or cancel a given service or set of service offerings without prior notice, and may rebrand, rename, modify, or out-source a given service or service plan as well as merge, alter or delete certain aspects of, or in any and all ways modify a given service plan(s) at its sole discretion, while at no time accepting any responsibility and at no time assuming any liability for actual or other damages and/or incurred costs of any kind to any party as a result of said suspension(s)/ cancellation(s). Customers additionally agree to that no claim exists nor shall ever come to exist against Interpage as a result of the actions of any/all of its affiliates, subordinates, and/or resale/service providers, including, but not limited to, paging carriers, long distance/toll-free service providers, Internet access and POP providers and interconnect firms. Interpage will vigorously defend against any other constructions of this waiver. Equipment sold by Interpage will have the following warranties:

[] Refurbished Equipment: 30 days after delivery to customer
[] New Equipment: 6 months after delivery to customer
[] Recrystallized Pagers and other equipment: NO WARRANTY

Interpage may also opt to augment the warranty period at its discretion, but doing so may not be taken or be used to imply a waiver from or augmentation of the warranty periods enumerated above. Customers who opt to have Interpage re-crystal their equipment and/or who lease, loan, or rent equipment from Interpage may be subject to minimum service term contracts, with penalties for early termination. Consult Interpage for details. Customers who obtain paging or other service through Interpage who purchase new or refurbished pagers from Interpage, or who have their pagers recrystallized by Interpage may not retain the "capcode", pager ID number, local telephone or 800 or "toll-free" access number, or any other aspect of their service with Interpage other than the paging unit or other equipment, but not the capcode or programming code of the unit, unless special arrangements are made with and accepted by a writing to such an effect with Interpage. All telephone, fax, pager, and other numbers, "ID"s, domains, sub-domains, accounts, subaccounts, resale accounts, resale IDs, or other designations assigned by Interpage and/or its affiliates to customers or other parties are the sole property of Interpage and may be changed or withdrawn at any time without prior notice. All purchased equipment constitute a separate one-time purchase transaction and is non-refundable barring material defects in said equipment which Interpage may repair or replace (at its discretion). A deviation from this policy on a case by case basis may not be construed to imply a waiver of or general deviation from the aforementioned policy.

NO OWNERSHIP INTEREST: All telephone numbers, user ID's, access systems, branding, domains, Web-pages and/or directory space, or any other assignment made by Interpage to delineate and/or distinguish subscriber accounts and/or services and/or for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, telephone number/access assignments are the sole property of Interpage, and are being assigned on a temporary basis and are not in any way intended and should not be understood to construe any ownership interest with said assignment to the customer(s) to whom these assignments are so assigned, and may be withdrawn by Interpage without any warning at any time. Customers who transfer their assignments to Interpage (such as 800/888 numbers, pager numbers, etc.) agree to relinquish control and ownership of these assignments to Interpage unless this section is specifically waived by Interpage via notarized writing.

3. PRIVACY: Interpage strongly supports our customers' rights of privacy, and we will not release any information from our customer base files, including marketing data, unless we receive permission, in writing, for a given customer who wishes to authorize Interpage to release their information, or are ordered to do so by a duly authorized court order or similar instrument of law enforcement.

Information stored on or sent through Interpage is considered private, and we do not and will not disclose this information barring an authentic court order or authority of jurisdictional competence to release said information.

Interpage customers and others, without proper authority or authorization, may not at any time try to glean, obtain, retrieve, or view mail, files, and other information pertaining to other users, or in any way seek to access information about the Interpage system and/or its other customers.

Interpage does not utilize any "cloud"-based services, and all customer information and customer data processing is performed on Interpage's own facilities.

For additional information concerning Interpage's privacy policies, please see the Privacy Policy statement/page.

4. UNSOLICITED E-MAIL/"SPAM"/FAXES: Any unsolicited e-mail message(s) and/or fax transmissions, commonly known as "spam", is/are strictly prohibited on any Interpage facility, and any spam or unsolicited faxing/mailing which in any way involves Interpage facilities will result in the immediate termination of all Interpage services to the given individual(s)/organization(s) responsible for such activities. There will be no advance warnings -- suspension will be immediate and irrevocable and will result in the immediate forfeiture of any start-up, set-up, usage, flat-rate, monthly and any other fees set by Interpage. Interpage will does not in any way tolerate or allow unsolicited e-mail nor fax transmissions to be originated, transported, or intentionally stored on any Interpage facility. (This includes any mass-mailing with an Interpage hosted return address and/or domain or WWW/Web site or other Internet addressable URL, IP, or other address.) Any use of Interpage's facilities for such purposes is an acession by customer of responsbility for all losses and damages incurred by Interpage and indicative of their agreement as per this section to compensate Interpage in full for any and all such losses. Non-qualified ("cold") lists are permitted in limited instances for NON-COMMERCIAL messages ONLY, such as political action campaigns, etc., and are not subject to the instant provision, supra., however, other limitations may apply. Please contact Interpage for details on political action faxing and limitations thereof.

5. ABUSIVE PRACTICES OR USE: Any customer who utilizes any of Interpage's services and/or those of any Interpage affiliate in a manner which can reasonably be construed as abusive will be subject to immediate suspension and/or termination of their account(s) without any notice whatsoever, and Interpage may not be held liable in any way for said service suspension/termination (Regardless of the above, Interpage may not at any time be held liable in way for service interruptions or outages for any reason; the aforementioned "ABUSIVE PRACTICES OR USE" section shall not be constructed to imply any liability for any reason as a result of Interpage's performance or lack thereof.)

DIALOUT ABUSE: Interpage customers may not use the Interpage Fax service, the Freefax service, the Freepage service, the paging gateway service, the Voicemail/Telephone notification service, Intertalk(SM), Webalert(SM), LinkAlert(SM) or any other Interpage service to initiate and/or disseminate annoyance, harrasing, or unwanted communications or communication attempts of any kind. Upon authorized notification from a recipient party who Interpage verifies is the authorized owner of a given fax number, phone number, voicemail number, pager number, e-mail address or other communications mechanism or device, Interpage will unilaterally and without notice to the initiator of said faxes, pages, voicemail, telephone calls, e-mails or other communications cease all traffic to that given number/device/address/other. The initiating customer will still be responsible for all charges to that number regardless of whether or not calls/communications to that number have been completed.

Calls to fax numbers, voice numbers (POTS, cell phones, voicemail systems, etc), pagers (paging terminals, paging systems, alpha terminals, etc), and/or any other directly-dialable destination which may be configured or set by a given customer, which are not answered by a fax machine/end device (such as a pagers, voicemail, landline phone; collectively refered to as 'device') and are not supervised may be billed as completed calls should the number of failed (non-billable) calls exceed 50% of the total number of calls to that given number/destination in a given monthly billing cycle. Thus for example, if 100 faxes are sent to a given fax number and only 10% are successfully sent, Interpage will nevertheless charge for the 90 faxes not sent (or a multiple thereof based on the user's retry settings; thus, if a user account is set to 4 retry attempts per fax, the above example would yield 90 faxes tried 4 times each, or 360 billable fax attempts) to the busy/no answer/non-supervised number in that given month so as to deter abusive use of the Fax service and for other reasons. Dialout abuse rate calls are billed as per your rateplan's per-minute, per-destination (or per-fax if applicable) rate; FaxUnlimited and other rateplans with no or otherwise non-applicable or non-descript per-minute/per-use charge will, for the purposes of calculating dialout abuse charges, be billed at the Tier I rate.

Additionally, customers who call (cause to be called via the use of Interpage's services) telephone or other dialable destinations in a manner which causes the owner of said number(s) to experience and/or suffer adverse consequences of said calls (such as, but not limited to, monetary loss, loss of business due to lines being tied up, 800 or toll-free services where the caller pays for received calls, etc) agree to assume all costs associated with any claims brought against Interpage by said owners of dialed numbers, and to fully indemnify for all costs which directly or indirectly result from said calls.

DIALIN ABUSE: Customers of services which allow for dial-in via telephone, fax, or other device, generally, but not limited to, FaxUp, DirectPage, TAP/IXO, Alarm Messaging/Industrial Controls monitoring, Webalert, and Interpage Voicemail, are responsible for all calls placed to their assigned telephone numbers, and said calls will count towards usage tallies, quotas, and/or any other numeric limit or billing plan offered by Interpage and acceded to by the given subscriber's subscription to any such given service. All calls to said assigned and/or general numbers may count towards said limitations/quotas, regardless if any or all calls to the given number result in a completed message, page, fax, or other transmission.

Customers/Accounts which receive an inordinate number of calls to a given assigned or general use number which detrimentally affects or in any way harms Interpage or prevents other Interpage customers from the full and proper use of their accounts, regardless of the reason, may be subject to immediate suspension. Unless otherwise specifically provisioned or noted in a given account's rate basis, Interpage considers greater than 2000 dialin attempts in any 24-hour period per se dialin abuse and grounds for immediate account suspension. It is the customer's obligation to responsibly divulge their account access number(s) and police it's/their use with reasonable care and in a manner consistent with Interpage's service policies, and all said dialin service customers agree that they will be solely responsible for any costs and/or charges which their use and dissemination of said numbers as per their given rateplan's policies regarding call limits, overages, message limits, message overages, per call charges, per message charges, and any other similar constructions which pertain to call quotas or limits, regardless of whether a given call or set of calls actually result in a completed or received message or transmission.

6. WAIVER OF ALL CLAIMS: All customers, when signing the Interpage Service Activation Form / Signup Form, which is REQUIRED prior to the activation of any account, are explicitly agreeing to the following statement of waiver: "I hereby waive all claims which I may assert against Interpage Network Services Inc. for service disruptions, outages, and difficulties, and understand and agree that I will not hold Interpage responsible for any losses, financial or otherwise, which I may experience as a result of any service and/or other difficulties which I may experience or encounter as a result of my service with Interpage NSI/"

7. CUSTOMER NON-BILLING RESPONSIBILITIES: All Interpage customers must comprehend, agree to, and positively indicate accession to the above policies, those on the signup sheet (if any), and language of this section by signature to the following statement: "I understand all of Interpage's policies concerning my service with INSI. I agree to abide by these policies, and understand that willful, negligent, or flagrant disregard for the policies set forth in the policy statement, or any other behavior which unreasonably compromises the stability, security, or operability of the Interpage system, will constitute sufficient grounds for immediate suspension and/or termination of service, at the sole discretion of INSI." See Section 5 for details on abusive use.

Customers are expected to take appropriate measures to ensure that their equipment/software and/or other devices/programs properly interract with Interpage's servers and/or services in a way which does not violate any of the terms of this agreement.

8. SEVERABILITY: All Interpage customers agree that the terms of this agreement are severable. If any term or provision is declared invalid, it shall not affect the remaining terms or provisions which shall continue to be binding.

9. ENTIRETY: All Interpage customers agree that this agreement is the complete and exclusive agreement between customer and Interpage regarding their service(s) with Interpage. This agreement supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether established by custom, practice, policy, or precedent.

10. GOVERNING LAW: All Interpage customers agree that this agreement shall be governed in all respects by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Connecticut, United States of America., and agree that Connecticut is the only acceptable choice of forum state.

11. FEES: Interpage shall assess the following fees to compensate and remunerate Interpage for costs associated with the identification, collection, and recovery of said charges:

Returned Check: $35.00 per instance
Late Payment : $35.00 for each month full payment is not
                                       by invoiced due date.

(Late payment and returned check fees are not mutually exclusive)

12. SOFTWAWRE: Any Software offered by Interpage, either to work, interoperably or otherwise ("client software") with Interpage's services, or as a standalone product are offered without warranty and shall not, unless noted otherwise, be supported by Interpage nor shall Interpage be responsible for any damages resulting from the installation of said software of a given computer or other device.

Copyright 1995 - 2020 INSI

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