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Welcome to Interpage's Information and Documentation Page

This page contains links to a variety of informational files and manuals which detail many Interpage services and features.

Many of the forms and materials contained herein may be viewed online and/or e-mailed to your via the Interpage FaxUp form server, please log in as guest and do not use a password.

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Interpage Forms and PDFs

* INSI General Signup Form: Signup form for all Interpage Services
* INSI General Signup Form PDF: PDF Signup Form for all Interpage Services
* Business Credit Application: PDF Application for check payment business accounts
* Messaging and Paging Gateway PDF Signup Form
* Messaging and Paging Gateway Trial form PDF
* OutFax Service-specific Signup form
* OutFax Service-specific Signup PDF
* OutFax Trial Signup Form
* OutFax Trial Signup Form PDF
* One-Time Credit Card Payment form for check-payment customers
* Credit Card and Billing Update Form for all account updates
* Credit Card and Billing Update Form PDF
* Service and Other Credit Request Form
* Interpage Sitemap

General Informational Files and Materials

* Overview of Interpage's Services
* Interpage's Sitemap
* Request automated information via e-mail
* Description of Available Basic Services
* Personal Interpage Account Overview
   - Sample Page/FAX/EMail Schedule
* How would I configure my Interpage account after activation?
* Service Brochures and Printed Literature;
   login as guest without using a password

Messaging/Paging Services Informational Files and Materials

   Paging Protocols
* Messaging/Paging Gateway Quick Set-Up Guide
* Motorola Flex Gold Usage Instructions
* Messaging/Paging Gateway Rateplans: Enterprise and Individual Messaging Plan options
* Why should you use Interpage's Messaging and Pager Gateway?
* Send Pages via the web to many different paging
   systems, including Interpage subscribers

Faxing Services Informational Files and Materials

* How to send and configure an OutFax via e-mail
* OutFax Quick Set-Up Guide for IT Staff
* Setting up your InFax or OutFax account
* Send a fax for free!
* Fax International and Domestic Per Minute Rates
* Configure your fax service for Openwave
   (Phone.com / Unwired Planet) UP.Link
* More information from Openwave

Outvoice Voice Dispatch and other Alert Notification Services

* Outvoice Voice Telephone Notification Service
* Integrate Outvoice with your Dispatch/Alert System
* Interpage Command Codes and Syntax
* Add Text-Messaging and other alerts to Alarm Systems
* DirectPage Numeric to Multiple Destinations Alert Distribution Service

Other Informational Files and Materials

* Interpage Service Policies
* New Features and Services

Detailed "How-To" information on many of Interpage's services

* Tutorial on the Mail Configuration Tool
* The Interpage Service Manual -
   Detailed usage instructions

Other Materials of Interest

* Interpage Announcements Archive
* Interpage Press Release


To receive additional information about Interpage's services, please contact us via:

Web-based Support/Inquiry Interface

Telephone: +1 (650) 331-3900

Interpage Contacts Page

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our services!

Last modified 04/25/2015
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