Welcome to Interpage's Guest Access Configuration Menu!
This section allows Guest/Demonstration customers to create, view, and modify non-functional guest account configurations and settings. All of the below configuration menus/tools will operate as they would for full customers, except no actual changes will take effect once you leave a given menu section.

Please select one of the following configuration or information menus, itemized below. The system will then prompt you for your account ID, where you will need to enter guestDo not enter a password, instead, leave the password field blank and log in (click "ok" or its equivalent on your browser), and you will be granted guest access.

All configuration menus/tools utilize simple, non-scripted HTML (web programming), without cookies, pop-ups, or higher-level modes of presentation, and should be able to be viewed and manipulated from the simplest of browsers or mobile devices.
If you experience any problems using the service configuration interfaces (below), please consider telnet access as an alternate means of even simpler, text-only based access. 

Additionally, as per Interpage's Privacy Policy, we do not track, market, or sell any information gathered nor is your name or any other information required to access the guest/demonstration web menus/tools.

If you have connected to the Guest Access / Demonstration page via HTTPS/SSL/TLS, the Guest page does not accept secure connections at this time; please click here to connect to the guest page via standard HTTP.

If you have any questions or problems using the configuration menus/tools, please call us at +1 (650) 331-3900during Pacific Business Hours or use our Web-based Support/Inquiry Interface. Thank you! 

Please click on one of the following configuration menus: 
 Edit fax account general/macro settings (InFax/OutFax)
 View your incoming/received faxes (FaxUp)
 Send SMS messages and pages to INSI customers and external recipients
 Messaging/SMS/pager settings (Messaging Gateway, Enterprise and Personal)
 Configure personal news, weather, informational and reminder messages
 Change your Account Notification Schedule/Rules
 View an unofficial detail of incremental charges (if applicable)
 View an unofficial summary of incremental service charges (if applicable)
 LinkAlert Web/server Monitoring Configuration Menu
 WebFax Pro Configuration Menu