Interpage Reliability and SLA Policies
Interpage Network Services strives to provide continuous, uninterrupted, and reliable service operations to the totality of its customer base, with backup and redundant systems maintained over a wide geographic area. This page details some of Interpage's efforts in this area.

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Interpage reliability chart depicting multiply redundant Interpage-owned, non-cloud-based servers and data integration facilities.

To ensure maximum service availability, Interpage has invested in and created a reliable, dependable, and multiply redundant network of servers and access sites in disparate geographic locations throughout the US.

Interpage maintains a network of functionally identical data and server centers with redundant Internet connections to minimize the threat of service disruptions should any given service center be affected by a telecom, internet, force majeure, or other event which results in a service outage. Each center has a variety of Internet connectivity options, including one or more of the following: T1, DSL, ISDN, Cellular Data 3G/4G, and/or 2-way Satellite.

Multiple Internet connectivity providers and a series of redundancy sites provide Interpage customers with a variety of access methods and/or service sites should a loss or disruption occur for a given Internet provider to a given Interpage service center site, or in the event that an entire center experiences an outage.

Reliability Features

Service Level Agreement

The Interpage Service Level Agreement (SLA) is available to all annualized Interpage Tier IV and higher customers.

The SLA provides applicable customers with the assurance that should a service outage at a given service center occur for a period of 61 consecutive minutes (eg, where a customer's assigned primary service center is not able to process customer requests for reasons other than a failure of a given Internet Service Provider to provide connectivity or general force majeure/circumstances beyond Interpage's control), and when secondary and additional alternate service centers are subsequently (eg, after the 61 consecutive minute period) unavailable, the given affected customer is entitled to a prorated service credit of one calendar day for each additional consecutive 60 minute period during which the primary, secondary, and alternate service centers remain unavailable. At no time will the service credit total an amount greater than the monthly base rate of the given customer (eg, a Tier IV customer with a base rate of $500 per month will not receive a credit of more than $500 in any given month), and customers whose accounts are past due, delinquent, and/or not in good standing at any time during the service month of a given service outage are not eligible for a credit refund under the SLA.


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