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Welcome to Interpage's New Services and Announcements Menu!

This page lists new services, enhancements to current services, and service bulletins in a reverse chronology, that is, from the most recent to the progressively older announcements.

Most new announcements are also eventually incorporated into their respective categories from the main page index (eg, paging/messaging, faxing, voice dispatch, Linkalert, etc.) so you can check there as well if you can't find a given update or bulletin here

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New Features

02/20/2015: OutVoice and Voicemail Service Notification Free Demonstration Service: The OutVoice and Voicemail services now offer a free demonstration line which will allow callers to leave a brief message on the Interpage Voicemail service and have it played back to them via OutVoice. The OutVoice and Voicemail demonstration services will call and greet you with a natural-sounding text-to-speech greeting, and afterwards play back the voicemail which was recorded as a WAV file, to demonstrate both the text-to-speech and WAV broadcast and notification aspects of the OutVoice and Voicemail services.

Please see the OutVoice service page, or the Voicemail Dispatch page for details and the access number for the OutVoice/Voicemail Free Demonstration.

06/05/2010: SMSGate Paging Gateway to SMS Mobiles and Devices: OutPage Paging/Messaging gateway service now offers direct access to the Interpage SMS Gateway! Send messages to any SMS Mobile or SMS-capable mobile device using the Outpage Paging Gateway Protocol, by sending an e-mail to the Interpage Paging Gateway with the following commands in the body:

outsys smsgate [mobile number] "text message"


outsys smsgate 12135551212 "This is a test of the Interpage SMS Gateway"

...will send a message to US cellphone # (213) 555-1212 and display:

"This is a test of the Interpage SMS Gateway".

(Note the preceding 1 prior to the US/Canadian mobile number as the SMS Gate utilizes a country code for all destinations).

outsys smsgate 447805551212 "This is a test of the Interpage SMS Gateway"

...will send a message to a UK mobile # +44 (780) 555-1212 and display

"This is a test of the Interpage SMS Gateway".

The OUTSYS SMSGATE command works in conjunction with the current OUTPAGE protocol and may be seamlessly integrated into existing paging scripts. The sender does not need to be aware of the given destination/subscriber's mobile carrier; all that is needed is the mobile number with country code.

03/04/2008: New DirectPage(sm) International Local Access Numbers! DirectPage is now available with local access nimbers worldwide, in addition to local numeric access numbers throughout the US and Canada. As with the US/Canadian DirectPage numbers, worldwide/international numbers do not incur "premium" message charges when called and incur only local calling charges, if any.

Customers outside the US/Canada may now obtain country-specific local access numbers for the DirectPage service to receive numeric pages by e-mail and/or SMS, as well as re-transmission to numeric/alpha pagers, voice and voicemail via OutVoice text-to-speech voice synthesis, and/or fax notification for hard copy records of received pagers.

DirectPage local access numbers in most countries outside of the US/Canada carry a marginally higher additional monthly charge, please consult the DirectPage main page for details.

11/10/2006: New OutFax(sm) 2 cent per minute send fax plan! OutFax Service is now available at 2 cents per minute to the United States, Canada, the UK, France, and Italy with OutFax Plan 008-I. OutFax/008-I costs $50 per month, with a one-time $50 set up fee, and certain limitations over standard OutFax plans may apply; please contact Interpage for details. Faxes may be sent anywhere in the 50 US States, Washington DC, the Canadian Provinces, and to non-mobile or non-premium landline telephones in the UK, France, and Italy for 2 cents per minute, and all standard OutFax "fax via e-mail" options are available, including detailed/parsable confirmation messages, real-time billing monitoring, pre-view of faxes to be sent via the web, and more. For details, please visit:

06/05/2005: OutVoice(sm) Voice and WAV Notification Service. OutVoice(sm) service provides an e-mail text-to-speech service, with WAV file and support and other advanced features, controlled by simple e-mail commands for effortless server integration. OutVoice complements Interpage's OutFax(sm) and OutPage(sm) Paging Gateway services by allowing individuals, networked offices, and web servers to message via voice channels important and timely alerts via text-to-speech and/or pre-recorded WAV files. OutVoice can also be scripted to navigate and deposit messages on voicemail systems which require DTMF menu selection.

07/16/2004: TAP/IXO Self-Dispatch Modem Service now available. Interpage now offers a standalone TAP or IXO protocol gateway for dispatch of text and SMS messages to cellphones, pagers, e-mail addresses, fax machines, and voicemail notification via OutVoice. TAP/IXO Gateway customers may use their modems and/or modem "self-dispatch" software to send messages to Interpage via Telephone "POTS" dialup in the event of an Internet connectivity failure. Additionally, the TAP/IXO gateway may be used to message mobile telephones and paging systems which previously offered TAP/IXO access (such as AT&T Wireless/Cingular, etc.) but have subsequently withdrawn a dialup self-dispatch access methodology. TAP/IXO Gateway service is detailed in the Other Services overview page.

09/05/2002: Backup Server Telephone Info Line: As a reminder -In the event of a failure at one of our primary facilities, alternate IP and routing information will be made available at +1 (650) 331-3900, Option 3. You will be given IP and/or alternate e-mail address information so that you may update your MX records and/or manually redirect mail to a given backup server's mail address. At all other times, the above number provides system status information.

For additional information on Interpage's reliability, redundant servers, and Service Level Agreements, please visit the Reliability page.

* 08/21/2002: Send Unlimited Faxes for a fixed monthly rate! with Interpage's FaxUnlimited(sm) Service. Faxes can be sent to major markets at no per-use, per-minute, or per-fax charge -- all your fax traffic is included in one, fixed, monthly rate.

* 03/01/2002: OutFax(sm) Client Software for Windows now available: Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, NT and 2000 OutFax Client is now available!

The Interpage OutFax client -- software which you may download and run on your PC or laptop in conjunction with your OutFax account, is now available from our Web site, http://www.interpage.net/sub-client.html .

The Fax Client allows you to send text, DOC, XLS, PDF and other supported file types directly from your desktop WITHOUT having to open up a mail program such as Outlook.

The Fax Client also creates a drop down menu option directly in Microsoft Word, enabling you to fax documents and spread- sheets from within Word.

DOS-Prompt command line support is also included, allowing for more convenient and integrated application programming in conjunction with Interpage's OutFax service.

To obtain a copy of the Interpage Fax Client, click here and you will be prompted to download the most current version. Once the download is complete, double click on the file IPOSetup.exe and the Fax Client software will then install itself on your computer.

For additional information on the OutFax Client, click here.

* 07/25/2001 OUTANY Protocol Available for Paging customers: Interpage OUTPAGE(sm) customers may now send TAP/IXO pages to ANY paging system without pre-registration of pagers on the Interpage system. Previously, all alpha systems required pre-registration or use of the OUTSYS command (below); now, the TAP/IXO system, pager ID and text message are all variable and able to be controlled by the OUTPAGE customer directly.

The syntax of the command, which should be used in the body of the message, is as follows:

outany ixo <destination-number-with-no-punctuation> "message"


outany ixo 2135551212 1234567 "This is a test"

... will send a message:

This is a test

to pager ID 1234567 on TAP/IXO system at (213) 555-1212.

Over the next few months, Interpage will add other system types as well as International paging support to the OUTANY command.

Subsequent to the completion of work on additional systems and/or International access for the OUTANY command, is anticipated that Interpage will institute a pager activation charge (estimated to be $8 per addition) as well as a monthly storage charge for new pagers which are added manually by Interpage which do not utilize the OUTANY or OUTSYS commands (estimated to be $2 per month per pager ID added subsequent to the full implementation of the OUTANY command). OUTPAGE customers who regularly request manual additions may thus wish to commence work towards supporting the OUTANY command to save on future manual pager addition/modification and storage charges for pagers manually added subsequent to the full implementation of the OUTANY command, on or about Sept 1, 2001 (further updates will be provided).

Note: Since OUTANY allows OUTPAGE customers to enter any number as a destination TAP/IXO number, it is the OUTPAGE customer's responsibility to ensure that they have provided a correct TAP/IXO number, and calls to numbers other than valid TAP/IXO numbers will be billed as completed calls (confirmations will continue to indicate success or failure as they currently do).

A detailed summary of the OUTANY commands as well as other OUTPAGE commands may be found on the OUTPAGE Command List.

* 07/20/2001 Wireless Backup and Redundancy Access to Interpage: Interpage has added a wireless backup to it's primary hub and will shortly add wireless backups to its other locations to add to the reliability of its connectivity and so that in the event of a catastrophic failure of landline connections that connectivity will be maintained. Tier IV and higher customers already have access to Interpage's Wireless Backup feature and have received a separate mailing on it's use; other customers may contact Interpage to sign up for Wireless Backup access or for additional details.

* 01/31/2001 New OutFax File Formats: Interpage's OutFax(sm) Service now supports Attached PDF and Attached PostScript files. Customers may utilize the new -psatt command to designate either an attached PDF file or attached PostScript file. The Attached PDF/PS service operates in addition to all of Interpage's OutFax accepted file formats and is available to all OutFax service customers immediately! For additional details, please see the OutFax Service Menu or the OutFax Service Commands List.

* 10/01/2000 LinkAlert Java Script Testing: Interpage's LinkAlert Web Site and Connectivity Monitoring Service can now test out remote Java scripts and applets for run time, functionality, and overall operability. Time delay/latency, result output and other thresholds may be user configured via the Web, Telnet, or our Intertalk voice response telephone IVR system. For more details, please visit our LinkAlert page for details.

* 09/26/2000 Enhanced HTML Support!: Send Interpage's OutFax service HTML in the body of an e-mail message (using the -html command) or as an attachment (using the -htmla command) and Interpage will convert the file to fax and send it to your desired fax destination(s). Please review the OutFax service page for details.

* 09/26/2000 New paging option -- OUTSYS:
allows paging gateway customers to send text messages to any pager/mobile phone in a given paging/cellular/messaging system WITHOUT pre-registration of a given pager/mobile. Simply use the OUTSYS command, specify the pager ID, and then enclose your message in quotes, similar to the way numeric pagers are currently handled by the paging protocol.

This command, when fully developed over the next few months, will enable Group Paging customers to send out alpha pages to most pagers, cellphones, and GSM mobiles, WITHOUT having to pre-register specific pagers/mobiles as they currently do.

With OUTSYS, once a given *system* (such as AT&T's PCS Telephones or Skytel, etc.) is added to the general (system-wide) OUTSYS list, there is no longer any need to pre-register a new alpha pager on that given system again!

Using OUTSYS, Interpage Group Paging customers can instruct Interpage's paging server to send a text message to a given pager/mobile on a pre-determined system.

Currently, the following systems are supported:

[] SkyTel "MEMO" (6636) --> called 'skytel6366'
[] SkyTel "1-Way"(2778) --> called 'skytel2778'
[] AT&T PCS --> called 'attpcsout'
[] Sprint PCS --> called 'sprintout'
[] Bell Atlantic Mobile --> called 'bamsout'
[] MobileMedia Natnwide --> called 'mmedianwide'
[] MobilComm --> called 'mobilcomout'
[] MobilComm of DE --> called 'mobilcomde'
[] Pagenet 2-Way --> called 'pagenetout'
[] Pagenet of NYC --> called 'pagenetnyc'
[] Pagenet Philadelphia --> called 'pagenetphil'
[] Pagenet South NJ1 --> called 'pagenetsnj1'
[] Pagenet South NJ2 --> called 'pagenetsnj2'
[] Saskatel Mobility --> called 'saskatelm'
[] Verizon Wireless --> called 'vzwout'
[] Paging Database --> called 'datab'
[] Any SMS Mobile --> called 'smsgate'

To send a text message to these systems, Group Paging customers would use the following syntax in the BODY of the message:

outsys [system] [pager ID] "text message"


outsys attpcsout 2135551212 "This is a test of the outsys command"

...will send a message to AT&T telephone # (213) 555-1212 and display "This is a test of the outsys command".

The OUTSYS command works in conjunction with the current OUTPAGE and OUTNUM protocols, as well as with any pre-registered pagers which Group Paging customers may already have on their accounts.

More systems will be added to the OUTSYS service list shortly.
For more details, please review the Paging Services overview and specifications page.

12/23/99 OutPage(sm) OUTNUM Customized Paging Scripts Available: OutPage(sm) Customers -- Add specialized numeric pagers to your OutPage account at discounted rates!

If you utilize the OUTNUM protocol to send numeric pages, but are having trouble navigating a non-standard system or with timing delays with a given numeric pager, Interpage can customize specialized scripts and timing regimes to facilitate paging to such pagers/systems.

These specialized pagers can be accessed as a regular phone number or standard name which you can assign to the pager, and Interpage will customize the entry for you to work with a given paging system.

There is a $20 one-time set-up fee for each specialized pager added, and a monthly charge of $2.50 (on an annual basis) or $5 (on a month to month basis) for each specialized numeric pager added. (A savings of 75% off of our standalone rates!)

If you have any questions, or to set up a specialized numeric pager entry, please call (650) 331-3900 or mail to "questions@interpage.net".

* 12/01/99 Send Web Pages/URLs via Fax!: Send Web pages via Fax! Interpage is currently beta-testing our new URL to FAX service, where fax customers can send us a complete URL which will fax that URL's Web page to any fax number.

To send a Web page, use your fax account as you normally would, but add the command "-url http://www.site.domain" (without the quotes and of course substitute a real site name).

More details will be announced shortly, and an entire fax command list may be found at http://www.interpage.net/faxing/interpage-fax-config-codes

09/10/98 New Screening Features: Interpage customers may now set their schedule to negatively filter based on the To: header as well as the use a negative ("don't page/fax/forward") option screen for any set of given keywords in the Subject: field. Screening based upon days of the week is now also available. (Note: These new features are currently only available via telnet access by telnetting to interpage.net and logging in with your username and password. These features will shortly be expanded to our Web-based schedule interface as well.)

* 12/05/98 New FaxUp(sm) Features: Interpage FaxUp and FaxUp WWW customers may now have the option of having faxes sent to them as MIME-Attached files instead of UUENCODED files. By using MIME-Attached files, customers can use any POP/Netscape/Outlook/Eudora or similar mailer an immediately view their faxes directly from their regular e-mail box, without requiring any special software. Web-based Access as also been enhanced: Customers may now view their faxes in a variety of sizes and resolution modes as well as send scaled versions of them as MIME or UUENODED e-mail files. For more information, please refer to the FaxUp page for a complete description of the FaxUp service and its new features!

Contacting Interpage for additional information:

A brochure covering our services, including new services and features, is also available online for viewing via the Web or as an e-mail file on our Web-Based fax on demand server. Please log in as account guest and do not use a password.

To receive additional information covering Interpage's New Features and Services, please contact us via:

Web-based Support/Inquiry Interface

Telephone: +1 (650) 331-3900

Interpage Contacts Page

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning recent servic/feature additions or other services!

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