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Welcome to Interpage's Standalone Fax and
Voicemail Box Menu

The Standalone Fax and Voicemailbox account is intended for customers who prefer a simple standalone Fax/Voicemail box with a local access number but do not need the Internet connectivty which our FaxUp or DirectPage integrated services provide.

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Standalone Fax and Voicemailbox Overview

Interpage's Standalone Fax and Voicemailbox Service can provide you with a single number to recieve, review, retrieve and store faxes and voicemail messages. Caller ID and/or Fax Station ID information, verbal fax introductions, and customized and extended away greeting messages are also available -- all for a flat monthly charge with unlimited use!

Callers call your Fax and Voicemail mailbox and can be greeted by a personal greeting, a standard greeting, or even fax tones if you prefer, and may leave fax and voicemail messages for you to replay and retrieve at a later time.

You can even set your home telephone or cellular phone to "No Answer Transfer" to your Fax and Voicemail Box so that callers will be able to leave you voice and/or fax messages if you are unavailable. The Fax and Voicemail Box can accept multiple fax and voice calls so your callers will never receive a busy signal.

The Interpage Fax and Voicemail Box service even captures the Caller ID of the caller (if available) or the fax station ID (if available) of the sender to help you identify your callers and prioritize your responses.

Other features include the ability to transfer and append to voicemails between accounts with more than one fax/voicemail box in the same market, appending personal comments to received messages, extended away greetings, urgent message flags, and more!

An optional Menu-based Greeting is also available so callers can be presented with a list of accounts to choose from, for both voice and fax messages.

Standalone Fax/Voicemail box numbers are currently offered in the following cities/area codes:

* New York/NJ: 212, 718, 516, 914, 845, 347, 646, 631, 201,    973, 908, 732

* Boston Metro: 617, 508, 781, 978

* DC Metro: 202, 301, 703, 410

* SF Metro: 415, 408, 650, 510, 925, 707, 831

* LA Metro: 213, 818, 310, 323, 805, 714, 626, 562, 661,  760, 909, 949

(Numbers is areas outside of the above list may be added for an additional $19.95. per month fee.)

You may also forward your calls from another area to any one of these numbers, or point an 800 number to a Standalone Fax/Voicemail Box number as well.

Fax/Voicemail Box Features

Interpage's Standalone Fax and Voicemail service offers:

* A personal local number to receive, review, retrieve and store all of your fax and voicemail messages.

* Flat rate!
All use is unlimited, and you may receive and retrieve as many voicemails or faxes as you wish with no per-use charges. (Note: Additional features may carry per-use charges if activated; please inquire for details)

* Never a busy signal!
Multiple callers may leave messages and faxes in your box and never receive a busy signal.

* Caller ID
and fax Station ID information (if available) will be presented to you at the time you call in to check for new or review saved messages.

* Fax callers may leave a verbal introduction to their fax message to alert you as to the fax's contents, or provide instructions or other information not contained in the fax.

* Urgent message flag which callers can toggle on if they want their message to go to the top of the new message list.

* Forward messages and faxes to other Standalone Fax and Voicemail Box, DirectPage, or FaxUp customers in your local market for free! You may also append messages to the fax or voicemail message you are forwarding. (Per-use charges will apply to non-FaxBox customers and/or with FaxUp service addition)

* Store up to 40 messages for up to a month. You may also extend the storage time of important messages by forwarding them to yourself and gaining another month's storage time.

* Auto Attend./Menu-based Greeting allows callers to be greeted with a message in the format Thank you for calling ABC Corp! Please press 1 for Sales, 2 for Service, 3 for billing, or 4 for the general mailbox. Thank you. , which you can configure and modify at will. Customized day and night greetings and a user-configurable time schedule are also available. The main menu system presents a professional corporate image, while allowing callers who know the individual fax/voicemail box numbers to dial them directly without going through the Main Menu overlay.

Standalone Fax and Voicemail Box Pricing

All Standalone Fax and Voicemail boxes are unlimited use/flat rate, that is, there is no per-use charge to receive, store, or retrieve fax and voicemail messages.

The monthly rate is $39.95 per month, with a $25.00 one-time set up fee.

The monthly rate for a Main Menu overlay varies by the number of boxes purchased, and starts at $35.00 per month, with a one-time $25.00 set up fee.

Access numbers outside of the Interpage Service Areas (above) may be obtained for an additional $19.95 per month charge. (Thus, if a number in Toronto/416 were needed the montlhy charge would be $39.95 + $19.95, or $59.90 per month, with unlimited use.

There are no other charges associated with this service.

Note: All Voice/FaxBox accounts carry a 6-month minimum commitment; there is a $100 early termination charge.

(Note that you may also convert your Standalone account to a DirectPage or FaxUp account and keep the same number; there is a one-time $10 conversion fee and standard DirectPage or FaxUp rates will apply after the conversion.)


To receive additional information about Interpage's Standalone Fax and Voicemail Box Service, please contact us via:

Web-based Support/Inquiry Interface

Telephone: +1 (650) 331-3900

Interpage Contacts Page

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our Fax Mailbox or other services!

Last modified 11/22/2006


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