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FaxUp PLUS: A complete and integrated Online Fax Mailbox System with optional Telephone-based Access!

The FaxUp PLUS service assigns you a personal and unique fax mailbox number which people can send faxes to - just like a regular fax machine! You can access your faxes from any Web browser, Touch-Tone telephone, web-capable PDA or Cellphone, or e-mail reader which supports attachments (such as Outlook Express, Eudora and Thunderbird).

Some Interpage FaxUp PLUS access methods insure that callers will never hear a busy signal and will get right through. There is never any special software to download or install - if you can see this web page you then you are ready to use FaxUp!

FaxUp PLUS also offers optional customized greetings, voicemail, voicemail to e-mail, recorded fax sender introductions, station ID/sender information, a complete telephone AND online fax configuration and storage mailbox, cellphone, alpha/numeric pager, or Synthesized Voice notification of new faxes, automatic redirection of faxes with screening to other fax destinations and/or e-mail addresses, telephone and Web configuration access, and more!

(For basic FaxUp service, which offers a flat rate fax to PDF service with receipt notification, please see the FaxUp page.)

Customers with older, non-web capable wireless devices, such as the Palm V/VII and other wireless users may utilize a variant of the FaxUp service and view their faxes directly on their Palm devices! All the features of FaxUp are available to Palm users with the FaxUp Palm(sm) service!

Customers who need to only send faxes may wish to consider the OutFax service or any of the other Interpage Fax Services.

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Interpage FaxUp and FaxUp PLUSService Online Fax Mailbox receives faxes with one or more local numbers worldwide, and sends them to cell phones, smartphones, e-mail, or viewed online using any web browser. Notifications of received faxes and even fax attempts can also be sent to cellphones, smart phones, or e-mail.

FaxUp PLUS Service Overview

Do you need a Web-based and telephone-access fax mailbox?

Do you travel and need to receive and access your faxes from a variety of locations and media, such as the Web, Smartphones and PDAs, telephones, and e-mail?

Would you like to have faxes automatically e-mailed to you in PDF, TIFF, GIF and/or Plaintext UUENCODED Formats?

Do you need a Fax Mailbox which is never busy even if multiple faxes are being set at the same time?

...FaxUp Plus can help!

Interpage's FaxUp PLUS service offers telephone and Internet access to all of your received faxes. Callers may send faxes to your FaxUp number, and the fax will be automatically sent out to one more more destination e-mail addresses. Faxes will also be immediately viewable via your personal, password-protected Web-based account, where they will be stored.

With some FaxUp PLUS plans, callers may also leave a combined voicemail and fax where they introduce the content of the fax so that you can easily know what the fax contains when you are in a hurry or on the road via telephone access, without having to view the fax itself.

FaxUp can also notify you of new faxes which have been received via any combination of alpha or numeric pagers, cellphone messages/SMS, telephone calls via voice synthesis, e-mail messages (which can be configured to contain the whole fax as a PDF, TIFF, GIF or UUNCODED plaintext message, or just an alert that you have a new fax waiting), and can automatically re-fax received faxes to alternate destinations.

Additionally, when a fax is received, you can view your fax(es) via a password-protected Web page from any Web browser (no special software is required) or from your PDA or Web-capable cellphone or wireless device.

Caller-ID and Caller Name are also presented, when available, via the FaxUp Web-based interface, in the automatic e-mails which contain the received fax (PDF, TIFF, of GIF attachments and UUENCODED plaintext), and the optional telephone-based FaxUp mailbox.

Filtering and fax-delivery/notification scheduling is also available to deliver faxes to specific e-mail addresses and notify "on-call" staff in a timely manner based upon sender, reception day, or reception time. Notification may also be restricted so that cellphones, pagers, and other devices are only notified of a new fax during certain hours, after which, notification is withheld until the next day. Many other scheduling options are also available.

FaxUp and FaxUp PLUS's optional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides callers with a menu, such as 'Press 1 to leave a page, 2 to leave a message, 3 to connect with me, or 4 to leave a fax
FaxUp PLUS can also be integrated into other Interpage services such as Paging, Voicemail, and Call-Connect, to provide a single, unified number to callers. Custom voice/menu IVR prompts to multiple fax mailboxes and/or other destinations are also available.

There is never any special software required; just give out your FaxUp PLUS access number and you are ready to go!

FaxUp Service Features and Details

Interpage's FaxUp PLUS service is simply the most versatile and accessible way to manage your received faxes online and via telephone! With FaxUp, you may:

* View faxes from the Web or any web-capable PDA or wireless device: Interpage's FaxUp PLUS service serves as an online "fax mailbox", allowing you to receive, view, print, store, annotate, locally print, size & scale, resend, remail, and generally manage your fax traffic online. There is no need to purchase any special equipment or software, as any Web browser will allow you to view and manipulate your faxes online. (Text-only browsers such as Lynx will also work; contact Interpage for details)

* Automatically Receive new faxes via e-mail: Interpage's FaxUp service can also automatically e-mail your faxes to you or to any number of recipients as attached MIME or uuencoded graphics files (PDF, TIFF, GIF as attachments; UUENCODED files may be attached or plaintext). Nearly anyone with a MIME/UUENCODE capable e-mail reader can display these formats including Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape Mail, Eudora, AOL Mail, and many more, thus allowing almost anyone with a computer or web-capable wireless device to view faxes without any special software on their end.

* Have faxes automatically pushed (sent) to your smartphone, cellphone, mobile device as a PDF file.

* Receive notifications on your phone and/or email of fax attempts, misdials, and all other connections to your FaxUp PLUS access number, even if no fax was received. The Caller ID and name (if available) of the caller will be sent so if there continue to be problems receiving a fax you may contact the sender directly.

* All FaxUp and FaxUp PLUS numbers are local, and not Caller-Pays or Premium rate numbers. Callers only pay the cost (if any) of a traditional landline fax call and will never face charges for calling a special number which costs more than a regular landline call.

* Listen to and Retrieve Faxes from any Touch Tone Telephone: Certain FaxUp service plans also offers free and unlimited Touch Tone access to your FaxUp PLUS account via your own personal telephone fax mailbox. You may retrieve your faxes, voicemails, or combined faxes with voicemail introductions at any time, as often as you like at no charge, from any Touch Tone telephone. You may also change your recorded greeting, play a generic greeting only, or change your paging options if you have the pager or telephone notification feature. With the FaxUp PLUS telephone option, you don't need to be in front of a computer all the time to retrieve faxes and voicemails -- you can be anywhere and still be immediately in touch with your messages!

* Have faxes automatically redirected: The FaxUp PLUS service allows you to set up auto-forwarding, so that when a fax arrives in your FaxUp PLUS account, it is automatically sent to another fax machine (in additional to fax desposition into your web-based online fax mailbox, and e-mail address(es)). This is useful if you travel often and need a central fax number which may be redirected at will. You can even filter and screen your faxes based on the Caller ID and/or Station ID of the sending fax machine so that only certain faxes will be forwarded to another fax machine, while the remainder will be sent via e-mail and/or to your Web-based fax mailbox.

* Never miss a fax due to busy signals: Most FaxUp PLUS plans allow multiple senders to fax to you simultaneously, and allow you to access your account by telephone while people are sending to it.

* Screening by Station ID or Caller ID: You can set certain FaxUp PLUS accounts to screen by the station ID and/or the Caller ID or Caller Name (if available) of the sending fax machine, so that only certain faxes will trigger certain events, such as e-mail, autoforward, or pager/cellphone notification (so you are not disturbed by unimportant faxes). Generally, most FaxUp PLUS plans afford this feature from a convenient, Web-based interface. Please contact Interpage for details.

* Preview Fax Distribution: You can also send a copy of a fax after you have viewed it to any other e-mail address or fax machine worldwide if you need to distribute some faxes to friends, co-workers, or any other set of recipients.

* Instant New Fax Notification: FaxUp PLUS can also automatically notify you mobile phone, pager, or any other messaging or voice telephone device when a fax is receivd (a recorded message will be played indicasting that a new fax has arrived). You and/or multiple recipients can also be e-mailed with a message indicating that a new fax has arrived or have the entirety of the received fax automatically sent via e-mail, along with the Station ID, Caller ID, and/or Caller Name of the sender (if available with your plan).

* Scaling: FaxUp PLUS allows you to resize your faxes to fit nearly any screen size and resolution, so even the smallest faxes can be enlarged to fit on a full screen and be easily readable, or faxes which are too large to fit on a screen can be reduced and thus more manageable to read. You can even scale a fax to a given size and then e-mail that fax to someone else, with the scaling preserved.

* Fax on Demand: FaxUp PLUS may even be used as a fax on demand server so that you can send faxes to clients, customers and friends while remaining logged on using your existing Web browser. Faxes or masterials and brochures may be uploaded and permanently stored (locked) in your FaxUp PLUS Web directory, and when the information is required, it can be immediately e-mailed or re-faxed to the desired recipient. There is never any need to log off or use any special software or ancillary equipment. Everything you need to receive, view, print, store, size and resend faxes is available to you, 24 hours a day, directly from your personal, password-protected Fax Mailbox on the Web!

* Alternate Number Service: Most FaxUp PLUS plans may obtain second, third, etc. "alternate numbers", which allows the same FaxUp PLUS account to receive faxes from multiple phone numbers. Thus, a given FaxUp PLUS account may have numbers in Boston, Toronto, London, and Los Angeles, all of which are routed and deposited in the same FaxUp PLUS account.

* IVR Integration: Most FaxUp PLUS accounts may be integrated into a voice/IVR system, where callers may fax, leave a voicemail, send a page or other message, or connect live to an operator or company representative. FaxUp PLUS may also be integrated with Interpage's online response Custom IVR service to provide additional contact options. Please contact Interpage for details on customized/specialized Fax/IVR applications.

FaxUp PLUS Pricing

* FaxUp PLUS/002: offers a local telephone number in nearly any US/Canadian area code or most countries worldwide. All Interpage FaxUp PLUS numbers are local numbers, not caller-pays/premium numbers. There is no charge to receive faxes, view them from the web, or have them automatically e-mailed as PDF, TIFF, or GIF attachments. E-Mail, cellphone, pager, and voice notification of newly received faxes is also available at no additional charge. A personal web-based account is also included which allows FaxUp PLUS 002 customers to view, re-mail, re-fax, annotate, store, or delete received faxes.

Plan 002 costs: $20.00 per month for a US-based number, US$22.95 for a Canadian number, or US$25.00 for a number outside of the US/Canada. A $20 one-time set-up fee will apply. There is no charge view, store, or re-mail received faxes. Up to 10,000 faxes may be received and/or re-faxed per month, after which each received fax and/or re-faxed fax will be billed at 2 cents per fax. Alternate (additional) Number Service is available for $5/month per alternate US/Canada fax number (International ANS prices vary; please inquire for details).

(A more basic version of the FaxUp PLUS service is available via the $10 per month unlimited FaxUp (Basic/001) service.)

* FaxUp 004/Secure PIN: Secure, password-protected access offers a local access number where callers are greeted by a recorded message asking them to spell your name or Interpage FaxUp PLUS user account name from a touch tone phone. Random fax callers and unsolicited fax senders will thus not be able to get through!. Legitimate senders are then both verbally told to press the START button on their fax machine and also automatically presented with a fax (CNG) tone so that a human sender and/or automated fax can commence their fax tranmission. Multiple senders may simultaneously send faxes to your FaxUp PLUS Secure Mailbox and not encounter a busy signal, yet all senders will be required to enter your FaxUp PLUS -Secure PIN/Security Code before they will be allowed to send you a fax.

PIN codes can be nearly any combination of 8 characters (alpha only), allowing you to personalize your account and making it easy for callers to remember how to fax to you.

Customized greetings/branded services and dedicated numbers for a given corporate, institutional, or other entity with a number of fax numbers/accounts are also available, offering custom/branded greetings, customer-branded confirmations and received fax notifications, and custom FaxUp-Secure PINs.

FaxUp PLUS 004 costs: The cost of FaxUp PLUS/004 with PIN code access is $20 per month, with no charge to receive (unlimited), view, store, or re-mail your faxes. There is a one-time $20 set up charge.

There is no charge to re-fax a received FaxUp to the 50 US States, DC, and the Canadian Provinces. Outside of these areas, our posted International rates apply.

Additional PIN codes/fax IDs are also available at $5 per month per PIN/user. Customized Option 004 accounts with custom greeting and office PINs are available and lower group rates; please contact Interpage for details.

* FaxUp 005/Secure CallerID: FaxUp-Secure Caller-ID, like the FaxUp/004 Secure/PIN plan, will block unwanted fax senders, but the 005/CallerID plan will only allow certain callers (whitelist) or block certain callers (blacklist) based on their Caller ID. All other standard FaxUp service plan features are available, including online fax viewing from any web device (laptop, desktop, smartphone, older cellphone with a web-browser, etc.), fax annotation, re-faxing, and automated delivery and notification.

FaxUp/005 Costs: FaxUp-Secure 005/Caller ID costs $30 per month, with a one-time $30 set up fee. Up to 10,000 fax pages may be received and/or re-faxed per month, after which there is a $.02 per fax charge. There is no charge to re-send received faxes via e-mail.

* FaxUp PLUS 006/Secure Station ID:: FaxUp PLUS Secure variant using the sender's Station ID to authenticate received faxes and to block unwanted/unsoliciated (spam) faxes. FaxUp-Secure/006 receives faxes from only a given set of fax machines (such as from your office and/or home, etc) which you allow (whitelist) to send to you.

(The Station ID on a fax is the text which the owner sets in a given fax machine or fax server to identify the sender and which generally appears on the top line of a received fax page. The FaxUp PLUS/006 plan looks at the Station ID and discriminates between those which have been whitelisted and those which have not, and will only accept those from fax senders which have station IDs which have been approved by the FaxUp Plus account holder.)

When someone faxes to your FaxUp PLUS Secure Station ID account, Interpage will examine the station ID/header sent before the fax transmission commences, and only send the fax to you (via email and/or auto-refax) if the sender's header message matches one on your list. Additionally, the FaxUp-Secure Station ID service will store the received fax in your Web-based Fax Mailbox, again, only if the sender's station ID matches those which you wish to receive faxes from. Multiple senders may simultaneously send faxes to your box and not encounter a busy signal.

FaxUp PLUS/006 is also useful for those who simply want to store faxes in their own personal and secure account for re-transmission via the Web when a customer, associate, or friend needs a copy of some information via fax, but doesn't need the dedicated access or ability for unregistered fax machines/senders to fax to him/her as most other FaxUp plans offer.

Instead, a FaxUp PLUS/006 customer may upload, categorize, move, annotate, rename, and store faxes on Interpage's web-based interface. When a customer or other party requires some faxed information, the FaxUp customer simply selects the information to be faxed, adds a note or cover sheet if desired, enters the destination phone number, and the fax is immediately sent out.

Option 6 can also be used if you have a fax machine capable of re-transmitting faxes to another number. You may set your fax machine to re-transmit faxes to Interpage while you are away, and then be able to view all faxes received from any Web browser, wireless device (smartphone, or an old cell phone with a web browser) from wherever you happen to be!

FaxUp/006 costs: FaxUp-Secure Station ID access offers a flat monthly fee of $15 per month with no charge for received faxes. There is a $15 set up charge. There is no charge ($0.00) to re-fax received faxes to the 50 US States, DC, or Canadian Provinces; prevailing international rates apply to other locations. There is no charge to view, store, e-mail, etc., your faxes via the Web and/or have them automatically e-mailed to you.

Standalone FaxBox: A personal telephone-only (no web or e-mail access) is also available; please see the FaxBox Service page for details.

Messaging, Paging and other Services

All FaxUp PLUS accounts are able to forward received faxes as PDF, TIFF, and GIF image file attachments to your e-mail address(es), smartphone, cellular phone or mobile device(s), and/or to automatically re-broadcast uploaded faxes to other fax machines in the US or worldwide.

Additional Cellular, Pager, SMS Mobile Phone, or landline phone notification options are also available on most FaxUp PLUS, including text-only receipt notification (no attachments), customized notification/depsition into voicemail systems and integrations with existing fax servers/systems; please inquire for details.

Verbal/voice notification of received faxes is also also available, using a generic synthesized message or a customized recording for a given corporate or other entity; please inquire for details. Charges may apply for new fax notifications to voice telephones via the OutVoice voice/verbal notification service.)

For examples and additional details on Cellphone/Pager Notification options and the versatility of Interpage's notification services, please refer to our Messaging and Paging Services Page

Free FaxUp Demonstration

For a demonstration of how the FaxUp PLUS web-based user menu and interface operates, please visit Guest access demonstration, and log in as guest (lower case only, please), and do not use a password. You will see some previously uploaded faxes with general Interpage literature and brochures which you can view, store/lock, and re-email to other e-mail addresses. (Note: Re-faxing via telephone to other numbers is only available to customers and is disabled for guest access.)


To receive additional information about Interpage's Faxup PLUS and other faxing/messaging services, please contact us via:

Web-based Support/Inquiry Interface

Telephone: +1 (650) 331-3900

Interpage Contacts Page

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our FaxUp or other services!

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