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Interpage's LinkAlert(sm) service will monitor one or more Web servers, Web Pages/URLs, Secure Servers, nameservers, sites, or ports, and notifiy individuals and/or desginated staff response teams via text-message/SMS, pager, fax, voice telephone or cellphone, and/or e-mail if and when it loses network connectivity, when a given Web page or URL is changed or unavailable, and/or when your network connection is re-established.

Customers and entities which require a non-internet, non-TCP/IP based means to alert multiple on-call or emergency response personnel who do not require the web-site and connectivity monitoring of LinkAlert (such as factories with equipment monitoring, cooling/heating equipment, coin-op laundry and car washes, etc.), may utilize Interpage's Alarm Messaging or Automated Equipment and Manual Self-Dispatch services. Both the Alarm Messaging and Self-Dispatch services provide for non-internet based emergency notification to cellphones, pagers, email, fax, and voice, so that on-call staff and responders can be immediately notified of a problem condition even when a given site's or building's internet connection has failed.

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Linkalert Web Site and Internet Connectivity Chart with Internet outage notifications being sent to multiple recipients/responders

Can your customers visit your Web site right now? Is your Internet site or mail server accessible to your clients? Is your Internet connection up and running at this very moment? Has your favorite Web page changed its content or moved to another location?

If you aren't sure, LinkAlert can help!

LinkAlert continuously monitors your internet-based systems, servers and individual Web pages/URLs, and can notify any given number of pagers, mobile phones, fax machines, e-mail addresses, etc., when a failure or change in status has been detected. Prices start at $24.95 per month and in many cases include unlimited pager/fax/voice notification, as well as unlimited e-mail alerts.

LinkAlert is highly flexible and configurable based on a customer's needs a preferences. Almost all LinkAlert features and options may be modified directly by the user via the Web, telnet, or our Intertalk IVR system, with changes taking effect instantly! (Try it via guest access, log in as guest, and do not use a password.)

Some of LinkAlert's special features include:

* Customer-based specification of the interval at which LinkAlert monitors a specific domain, IP, gateway or server, as well as notification intervals during a detected failure and/or a change or modification to a given URL/Web-accessible document.

* Multiple Messaging Devices are supported, including Voice (test to speech) notification to regular (POTS) telephone lines. Interpag'es LinkAlert can message to:

  • US/Canadian Cellphones
  • International Mobiles
  • Alpha Pagers
  • Numeric-only Pagers
  • Voice notification via clear Text-To-Speech Synthesis
  • Fax Machines
  • E-Mail notification
  • * Specific ports may be tested, such as 25 (SMTP), 80 (HTTP), as well as non-published ports and those running custom services.

    * Web Data Changes: Customer-based specification of a given Web page(s) or URL(s) to monitor for complete failure or modification/changes from previous checks.

    * Instant User Configuration of nearly all aspects of their LinkAlert monitoring service. Users may create, delete, or modify the monitoring of a given Web Site, SMTP Server, Ping or other IP Port, Secure Server, or any server or machine connected to the Internet at will, with changes taking effect instantly. Try the Linkalert Configuration Menu for a free demonstration; (guest access permitted, do not use a password).

    * Link/Service Restored notification (optional, configurable by the user) indicates when a problem has been corrected or has corrected tself.

    * Thresholds for link or server failure notifications, eg, how many consecutive failures are required before an alert is dispatched. (This helps eliminate "false positive" alerts due to system reboots, network latency, etc.)

    * Alternate notification to other pagers, e-mail addresses, fax machines, and text-to-speech voice alerts, in the event that a failure is not corrected in a user-defined period of time. LinkAlert customers may specify fallback notification accounts, so that in the event that the first person (or group) which is notified fails to respond, a second, third, etc. person (or groups) ill be subsequently notified.

    * E-Mail Notification Suspension to allow maintenance and scheduled downtime to be free of continued alerts from LinkAlert. Simply send a specially worded and authenticated e-mail message to LinkAlert, and notification will cease for the period of time specified in your e-mail.

    * Modification Monitoring Configuration: Set your LinkAlert account to only monitor given sections of a Web page for changes so banner ads, minor changes, and other variable content don't generate false alerts.

    * Multiple Data Centers in geographically disparate areas with differing Internet connectivity providers (including wireless and satellite) continuously monitor target sites from a variety of "positions" on the Internet and provide for redundancy in the event of anetwork outage at a given data center. Please review the Reliability/SLA page for details.

    * Intertalk access from any touch tone telephone, which allows LinkAlert customers to dial into our server and suspend pager notification while your support staff is aware of a failure and working to correct it. Intertalk also allows for e-mail header verbal transcription to check previous alerts in the event a page was missed, and the ability to remotely fax alerts to any fax machine if you are not near a terminal and need to find out the status of a given site/link failure.


    LinkAlert 001: 5 sites/services may be monitored, $25 per month, $25 one-time set up fee, 10 cents per US Voice Notification, Fax Notification, Alpha or Numeric Page. No charge for E-Mail notification (including cellphones with e-mail addresses; otherwise, 10 cents per message). Please contact Interpage for non-email notification rates outside of the US.

    LinkAlert 002: 25 sites/services may be monitored, $75 per month, $75 one-time set up fee. All other provisions of plan "001" (above) apply.

    LinkAlert 003: 5 sites/services and 5 URL Content Changes, $40.00 per month, $40 one-time set up fee. All other provisions of plan "001" (above" apply.

    LinkAlert 004:100 sites/services and 25 URL Content Changes, $150 per month with a $150 one-time set-up fee, notifications via voice/text-to-speech, fax, alpha or numeric pager are billed at 7 cents per notification; e-mail alerts are free. Cellphones without e-mail access are also billed at 7 cents per notification. Please contact Interpage for non-email notification rates outside of the US.

    Additional LinkAlert Information

    A brochure covering LinkAlert service is also available online for viewing or as an e-mail graphic file on our Web-based document server. Please log in as account guest and do not use a password.

    You may also receive additional information about Interpage's Web, Internet, and Site Monitoring Services, by contacting us via:

    Web-based Support/Inquiry Interface

    Telephone: +1 (650) 331-3900

    Interpage Contacts Page

    We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our LinkAlert or other services!

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