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Messaging/Paging Overview/Main

Enterprise vs. Personal Messaging Comparison

Enterprise Messaging Gateway

Personal Messaging Gateway

SMS Messaging Gateway

Paging Database/Carrier Lookup

Messaging/Paging Gateway Rates


On-Call Medical Practice Messaging System

Modem and Touch Tone Self-Dispatch Services

TAP/IXO Gateway

TAP/IXO Test and Failure Alert Svc

TouchTone/DTMF Integration

Operator Dispatch Services Integration

Alarm/Coin-Op Pager to Cellphone Services

Legacy Voicemail EMail Integration

How to use the Mesg. Gateway

Messaging Free Test Text, SMS, and MMS Service

Send a message or page to an Interpage Customer

Send a free page to US/Canadian Paging Systems

Gateway Service Command Codes

Messaging/Paging Gateway Pricing

Messaging/Paging Gateway Signup

Messaging/Paging Signup PDF

Messaging/Paging Gateway Trial PDF

TAPTest Signup PDF

DirectPage Signup PDF

DirectPage Trial PDF









OutFax Protocol

How to Integrate OutFax


Comparison of InFax and OutFax


Current LobbyByFax Alerts



OutFax Software Client Downloads

View Received Faxes

Send a Free Test Fax

Free Test Fax Service w/o Tabs

Free Test Fax Service: Flash

Fax reception, voice, messaging-paging free services

Fax Machine/Fax Server Test and Failure Notification Service

Monitor Fax Queue


Fax Services Signup

Fax Services and Gateway Rates and Plans

General Fax Svcs Signup PDF

OutFax-specific Signup PDF

Fax Services Trial

OutFax Trial Form PDF

FaxUp/FaxUp Plus Signup PDF

FaxUp/FaxUp Plus Trial PDF

FAXTest Signup PDF





OutVoice Alert and Notification Service

Outvoice E-Mail Syntax

Integrate OutVoice with your Alert System

Voicemail with filtering and notification

Connect Legacy Voicemail with Messaging and E-Mail

Custom-built, hosted IVR systems with SMS, text, pager, fax, email and voice notification, and call-connect

Connect Operator Dispatch with Messaging and E-Mail

Free voice, messaging-paging, and fax services

OutVoice Signup

OutVoice Signup PDF

OutVoice Trial Form PDF

Outvoice Bundled Services

OutFax Office LAN Client

Voicemail Legacy E-Mail and Notification Integration

FaxUp Branded Port Access

DirectPage Branded Reseller

TAP/IXO Branded Operator Dispatch Gateway

WebAlert Online Notification Database


LobbyByFax Overview

FaxUnlimited with LobbyByFax

Current LobbyByFax Alerts


Voicemail Box with Pre-Call Notification

Voicemail Box WAV Attachments

LinkAlert Site Monitoring with SMS and Pager Notification

Alert/Emergency Notification Escalation when no Response is Received

TAP/IXO to SMS Gateway

DTMF/Touch Tone to SMS Gateway

Software/Client Downloads

Voicemail Svc Activation PDF

Voicemail Free Trial

Free Test Services Main Page

Fax Receive and Re-Send/Transmit Free Test

Free Fax Test Overview

Send a Free Test SMS

Voice Service Free Tests

Cellular and VoIP Latency Free Test

CallerID Readback and Telemarketer Block

Send a Test Fax for Free

Send a Test SMS or Page for Free

Send a free Text-to-Speech and WAV file test of Outvoice

Send a Free Fax to Congress

Send a Free Fax to your State Legislature

Interpage Generic Trial Form PDF

Generic Signup HTML

Generic Signup PDF

Generic Trial Form HTML

Online-Trial Activation

Generic Trial Form PDF

Credit Card and Billing Update HTML

Credit Card & Billing Update PDF

Business Credit App.

Messaging Gateway Signup PDF

Messaging Gateway Trial PDF

DirectPage FaxUp and Voicemail Signup PDF

Directpage, FaxUp, and Voicemail Trial PDF

OutFax Svc Signup

OutFax Signup PDF

OutFax Trial Forms

OutFax Trial PDF

One-time Credit Card Payment form

Service and Other Credit Request Form

Additional Forms and Information

FaxUp Form Server to view and email forms; log in as guest, no password

Summary of Interpage Service Charts