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Interpage's Alarm, Factory & Equipment Status, Coin-Op and Automated Messaging Service integrates alarm, coin-operated, status alerts, and other automated and/or emergency detection and notification systems, services, and devices with both Internet-based and traditional telecom-based destinations and recipients.

Business and entities which utilize alarm, intrusion, building automation, industrial control, HVAC, coin-operated/vending equipment, equipment status, and other failure/fault notification hardware (including legacy or older systems) which do not have a means to access to Internet - or which require a backup alert channel when their internet connection is down- can now send text, SMS/MMS, voice and other immediate alerts to multiple users/devices using the Interpage Alarm Messaging System (AMS). No new equiptment, software, or programming is required; the Interpage AMS service acts as a processor, scheduler, and gateway to send alarm, alert, status, or any other messages to any number of devices, destinations, and on-call staff/emergency response recipients, without needing to invest in new equipment, systems, or software upgrades, and saves the monthly costs of a dedicated internet connection.

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Alarm & Coin-Op Messaging System Overview

Chart of the Interpage Alarm and Coin-Op integration service. The chart depicts one or more coin-operated, automated, alarm, fire, and emergency notification and other devices connecting to the Interpage Alarm Messaging Service and sending alerts via a number of methods, including via TAP/IXO and Touch Tone/DTMF, and Interpage taking those messages and sending them to a variety of destinations which the alarm/alerts can not normally connect to, such as Internet sites, cellular/smartphones, e-mail, fax, verbal/voice notification (with receipt confirmation) to landline (and cellular phones), and other end devices such as alpha and numeric pagers.

The Interpage Alarm Messaging System (AMS) functions as a conduit for alert, status change, and other notifications for alarm, equipment-monitoring, HVAC, coin-operated, and other automated systems and similar devices and services which lack direct connections to the internet, which require a fail-safe backup in the event on an internet outage or downtime, or where supplying an internet or other more robust connection is cost-prohibitive or for some other reasons unfeasable.

The AMS system integrates with a wide variety of alert and monitoring equipment systems, building automation systems, and industrial control equipment from many vendors, including Johnson Controls/Metasys, Trane Building Controls, York Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems, and many others, to provide a robust and redundant notification regime to alert from one to hundreds of recipients of status changes, alarm conditions, alerts, and other situations requiring monitoring or immediate attention.

The Interpage AMS service will accept alerts via multiple methods: Modem-based alpha and text messages utilizing the TAP/IXO protocol supported by many monitoring equipment providers, Touch-Tone only (DTMF) messages and commands such as Coin-Op devices and car-washes, or via an Interpage-provided dedicated phone number (with opional Caller-ID screening) which requires is triggered when called (with no need to TAP or Touch Tone entry), and send received alerts directly to cellphones/SMS, pagers, E-Mail, fax machines or via text-to-speech voice to any voice telephone worldwide.

Interpage Alarm Messaging Service TAP Modem Gateway to SMS and EMail accepts alerts from automated equipment and servers and sends messages to cell phones, pagers, email, fax, and voice destination, depicted in this example of a water-level alarm sending an urgent text via TAP modem and Interpage to a SMS/cellphone

The AMS service facilitates the integration of alarm boxes, call-center notification equipment, coin-operated car washes, laundry facilities, automated factory and plant equipment monitoring devices, and any other system or service which sends out alerts via older technologies (such as DTMF/Touch Tone, TAP/IXO, or pre-recorded messages, etc.), with current messaging technologies such as text messaging, SMS/MMS messaging, e-mail, fax and text-to-speech/voice notification. At the same time, older devices, such as numeric-only and alpha pagers are also supported, allowing for a more diverse and redundant alert notification regime without the added expense of new equipment and the maintenance thereof.

Chart of the Interpage Alarm Messaging Service depicting an alert sent out via modem/alarm equipment to Interpage's AMS Service, which then sends the received text message to one or more pagers, cellphones via text/sms, email, fax and voice destnations, in this case illustrating an alarm for high temperature being sent to an on-call pager. title

For entities which have dedicated internet connectivity to plant and equipment, Interpage's Alarm Messaging Services are of particular use when a given office, site, or building's internet connection is down or otherwise fails, and the AMS allows servers, equipment, and/or alarm systems an alternate path utilizing regular phone lines to send out status messages, emergency alerts, and other messages to first responders, on-call staff, or other personnel immediately, bypassing the internet, to allow for a rapid response. For companies and entities which use a Voice-over-IP phone system, the Self-Dispatch services may be used to notify repair staff via a non-VoIP phone line that an outage has occurred and requires attention to restore telephone service to offices or buildings with VoIP telephone service.

Chart of the Interpage Alarm Messaging Service depicting an alert sent out via modem/alarm equipment as a numeric page (DTMF), sent to Interpage's AMS Service, which then sends the paged information/touch tones to one or more pagers, cellphones via text/sms, email, fax and voice destnations, in this case illustrating a fire alarm and specific alarm location being sent to an on-call pager

The AMS service also facilitates multiple recipients and the scheduling of recipients based on time, day of the week, and/or the urgency of a given alert, based on the content provided therein.

Interpage's AMS service can be an effective tool to reduce overhead and equipment costs as well as expenditures to continuously update software and equipment by acting as a distpatch hub for alert messaging, capable of connecting to all end devices (cellphones, e-mail, SMS/MMS, POTS lines, fax, text-to-speech/voice, and alpha or numeric-only pagers).

Customers/subscribers of Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Rogers/Cantel (Canada) and other carriers which had previously used their respective TAP (modem) access numbers to send alerts, alarms, and status messages to their cellular phones and wireless devices may seamlessly utilize the Messaging System as a gateway for TAP messages, and may benefit from the additional features (below) which the Messaging System offers in terms of scheduling, distribution, and message filtration. Verizon, ATT Wireless, Rogers and other customers may simply delete the discontinued TAP and/or Touch-Tone/Pager access numbers in their systems and equipment which their carriers provided, and replace it with an Interpage AMS access number, and start receiving messages right away!

Alarm Messaging System applications include:

Volume discounts for Enterprise/fleet paging customers who wish to augment their current notification devices/destination are also available. Enterprise customers may obtain special company-specific voicemail districution and/or numeric page greetings and blocks of sequential TAP or numeric pager numbers; please inquire for details.

Interpage Alarm System Messaging Features

The AMS service offers:

*Access via any modem and/or Numeric/DTMF device, or voice telephone from AMS Voice Dispatch (to multiple voice recipients) from up to 5 distinct locations/telephone lines.

* Connect up to 10 pagers, cellphones or SMS mobiles, 10 e-mail addresses, and 10 fax machines or landline telephone (voice) and/or cellphone numbers to be notified when a page or message is received.

* Schedule and prioritize, via Web-based and/or Telnet access, which cellphones, pagers, e-mails, and other devices receive notification when a page or message is received (or have all of them notified simultaneously), based on time, date, and content.

* Works with any cellular/mobile provider, GSM SMS International mobile, alpha or numeric-only pager system, fax or regular/landline or cellular voice telephone.

* Alarms, status notifications, alerts, and other messages can be immediately sent to one or more e-mail addresses and/or destination devices, such as mobile phones, pagers, fax machines, and POTS/landline telephones

* Worldwide access numbers for local connectivity and no message/toll/unit charges.

* Multiple local access numbers may be combined and/or PINs to message/page the same account; thus a given user may have (for example) a US number, a UK number, and one in Japan, all of which will message a given user's single account.

AMS Services and Pricing

AMS/001: $50 per month, with a one-time $50 set-up fee. Alerts may be sent to up to 20 simultaneous destinations, such as an e-mail address, cellphone, pager, fax, or "POTS" telephone via OutVoice at no additional charge. 10,000 received calls are included per month, after which a $.02 per message charge will apply.

AMS/001-L: $70 per month, with a one-time $50 set-up fee; a variant of the AMS/001 plan with a local access number in a US/Canadian calling area local to your dispatch equipment.

AMS Basic International Plan (001-I): $75 per month, with a one-time $50 set-up fee, offers similar functionality to the Basic/001 plan above but offers access to the Interpage AMS system with local access outside of the US/Canada, eliminating any per-alert toll or messaging charges to the US to dispatch to the AMS system.

AMS Additional Destination Blocks: Groups of 20 additional destinations are available for $25 per month for any annual AMS plan, or $50 per month for month-to-month plans.


Notification/voice rebroadcast to cellphones, pagers, voicemail, voice, fax and e-mail anywhere in the 50 US States, DC, or Canadian Provinces is included in the above plans. Additional per-use charges may apply when messaging outside of the US/Canada (except for email notifications, for which there are no additional charges), please contact Interpage for details.

Note: Customers with old voicemail or legacy messaging/fax servers or systems may wish to consider Interpage's Old/Legacy Voicemail System Integration service, which facilitates internet connectivity and messaging capabilities to cell phones, email, pagers, fax and voice, without the need for additional equipment or software licenses.


To receive additional information about Interpage's Alarm Messaging System, please contact us via:

Web-based Support/Inquiry Interface

Telephone: +1 (650) 331-3900, Option 1 during Pacific Business Hours

Interpage Contacts Page

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning AMS and our other messaging services.

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