Interpage Voice Integration and Dispatch Services Overview
Outvoice Alert/Broadcast
Send alerts and messages via voice or WAV files with simple e-mail commands - no special software is required
Voicemail Integration
Legacy or voicemail systems without internet access can send messages to cell phones, pagers, e-mail, fax, and VoiceMail Box & Notifications
Voicemail Box & Notifications
Standalone or group voicemail box(es) with CallerID/Name notification and WAV messaging to cell phones and email
Operator Dispatch
Integrate Operator services with cell, SMS, paging, email and voice, without internet access or new equipment
Numeric Paging & Voicemail
Numeric paging service to cell/SMS, pager, and email with voicemail, and optional fax and live call connect
Integration of web-based applications and legacy equipment with voice, messaging, paging, email, and fax, with web-based configuration
Hosted IVR Systems with custom menus, messages, prompts, and reporting to email and other destinations and servers
Please click on a service icon, above, or review each of the various voice integration and notification service products, below. Most Interpage Voice-based services may be customized and/or combined with other Interpage products to provide specialized functionality for a given service or application; please inquire for details.
Voicemail Integration
Voicemail Integration interconnects older/legacy voicemail systems lacking internet connectivity with text messaging, e-mail, fax, and voice notificartion, without the need to upgrade or replace existing voicemail equipment. VM Integration utilizes your voicemail system's existing pager, TAP, or dialout functionality to notify Interpage that a message (or page) has been received, which is then sent out to messaging devices/recipients, such as cellular phones, e-mail, fax, and voice notication. Interpage Voicemail Integration is easily set up and configured in nearly any voicemail system, and offers a simple web-based interface to configure the delivery methodologies and schedule for each individual mailbox on your current voicemail system.
Operator Dispatch
Operator Dispatch provides operator, messaging, or on-call dispatch centers the ability to send messages and alerts to one or more recipients without the need for software or equipment to interconnect with the internet, SMS/SMSCs, pagers, or other devices - dispatch centers may instead send message to the Interpage Operator Dispatch service, which will in turn send the received message(s) to multiple users on any platform, such as mobile phones, alpha and numeric pagers, e-mail, fax, and voice notification. Dispatch Centers may maintain a database of customers and how/when they wish to be notified, and when a message is received, Interpage will notifiy all specified recipients at any of their devices (or not based on their notification schedule) with only one message from the dispatch center to Interpage - there is no need to waste time or bandwidth with multiple messages! Operator Dispatch centers may alternately use Inerpage's Operator Dispatch gateway as a backup system
Numeric Paging with Voicemail
Numeric Paging with Voicemail offers callers the ability to both page and leave a voicemail message (and optionally a fax and call-connect to multiple destinations) with one single, unified number. Callers are prompted to 'Press 1 to send a numeric page, or press 2 to leave a voicemail' (and optionally '3' to send a fax, or '4' to have the call connected with another mailbox or outside number, such as a cellphone or office). Customers receive a number of optional calling party informational and status messages, such as 'pre-call' (hangup call) notification, menu items pressed, the CallerID and CallerName ID (if available) of the calling party. Customized voice prompts and menu options are also available.
Webalert: Interpage's Web to Voicemail, Paging and Faxing integration service facilitates direct connections/links from Web sites to the WebAlert server for submission of voice messages, text messages, alpha and numeric pages, faxes, and e-mails. A Touch Tone IVR to E-Mail service for paging carriers and other DTMF to e-mail applications are also available. The WebAlert system can function as a completely configurable gateway between a web site or online/HTML content database and your customers/clients. WebAlert is easy to use and does not require any special programming or scripting work of any kind.
Custom IVR
Alert Confirmation and Emergency Response Escalation
The Alert Confirmation/Escalation Service is a customized, emergency notification system with alert dispatch to any recipient and/or device, such as cellphones, pagers, e-mails, fax, voice, and specialized equipment or local-area paging services. The Emergency Response service can notifiy multiple recipients, in a fixed order, and request their response within a given period of time. If no acknowledgement is received, subsequent/escallation recipients are notified. A Call-Connect feature is also available to integrate into exsiting voice response and support services, and/or for emergency conditions when on-call staff need to be contacted by callers, who can be prompted for an authorization code or authentication prior to connecting a given call.

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Alert Escalation
Interpage Alert, Cofirmation, and Emergency Escalationand Reporting Service if a response is not received.
Outvoice voice dispatch and broadcast service sends either text-to-speech, pre-recorderd, and/or dynamically generated WAV audio files to landline or cellular phones, voicemail, or other voice notification systems, and allows (or requires) recipients to acknowledge receipt of messages. OutVoice may also be integrated with Interpages Messagin/Paging and Fax contact/notification services to 'fill out' a given notification regime to message and alert recipients who lack acces to text-messaging or e-mail, or where immediate notification and receipt confirmation is required. OutVoice is simple to integrate into any notification system, and can accept commands from both internet-enabled and older/legacy non-internet devices and servers.
Custom IVR is a customized, configurable, hosted IVR solution designed to accept and process customer/constituent response, telephone polling and surveys, post-call customer satisfaction queries, in-field order completion status and reporting, and can be customized to accommodate nearly any IVR response/polling application. CustomIVR allows inbound callers to navigate a menu tree and/or series of prompts/questions, and, upon completion of the call send the collected response back to a central server or other system via a "flat" e-mail file, other TCP/IP connection, or telephone (modem or DTMF) based methodology. With CustomIVR, there's noneed to continuously upgrade or purchase new telephone equipment or feature packages to supplement an IVR or customer response system - callers may be "branched" over to a dedicated CustomIVR number seamlessly, with results of the call being reported back upon call completion.
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Interpage Voicemail offers a feature-rich individual or group voicemail service, offering Caller ID/Caller Name ID reporting of callers, pre-call/hangup call notification, deposited messages send as WAV files to one or more recipients, scheduling and filtering of received messages and notifications by time, day of the week, or sender/phone number, re-transmission/dialout of received messages, and more. Interpage voicemail can be used as a single, stand-alone voicemail system, or as a group or custom-branded messaging system with specialized menus, sub-menus, voice prompts, fax, paging, and call-connect options. Interpage Voicemail customers may also elect to have multiple telephone numbers in one or more locations connect to one more more voicemail accounts, as well as direct messages to a given voicemail account by area code, time zone, and/or country of origin. The Voicemail service will optionally dial out and prompt and relay each received voice message to one or more telephone numbers.
Interpage's Voice Messaging and Integration Services integrate Internet and Web-based applications, servers and notification systems with traditional voice telephony and messaging, providing a physical link or gateway between web/cloud-based servers or internet-connected devices/applications and landline/POTS phones, cellular/mobile phones, pagers, e-mail, fax, and other devices and destinations.

Emergency/critial response alerts may be sent out or broadcast to multiple voice recipients (with confirmations of receipt sent back to the originator) operator-dispatch or legacy voicemail systems can be enabled to message cell phones and e-mail upon receipt of new messages, customer polling or
feedback integrated into an IVR or other telephone tree, and other customized applications to move voice alerts, commands, and responses to/from Internet and mobile devices are all enabled via Interpage's voice services.

Voice notification/integration services may also be used to diversify the reach of, or add functionality to, many other Interpage Messaging, Notification, and Integration services, such as the Messaging and Paging Gateway, the Fax Gateway, and many other services and features