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Interpage's FaxUnlimited(sm) service allows Interpage OutFax customers to send an unlimited number of faxes for one low, fixed, monthly flat rate, and no per-fax or per-minute charges.

Businesses and enterprises which send out a steady stream and/or large volume of faxes can benefit from FaxUnlimited's fixed pricing which offers a fixed and predictable cost basis for any fax transmission application regardless of fax volume, pages sent, or time used. Lobbying campaigns and constituent action/response efforts can benefit from the fixed cost basis of FaxUnlimited especially during off-peak hours for overnight fax campaigns; please see the Fax Lobbying reference page for details.

Restaurants, take-out/deliveries, online catalogs, and other internet/cloud-based order fulfillment entities may benefit from the unlimited use InFax option. InFax augments traditional e-mail notification of online orders/inquiries, and with a simple change of an e-mail address (no programming, coding, API's or SDK's required), can have orders faxed, text-messaged to cellphones, paged, voice-called, and of course e-mailed instantly to one or more destinations, for a fixed, flat monthly rate.

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Chart of Interpage's Unlimited-use OutFax service with steps involved in the fax process

Use FaxUnlimited(sm) - Unmetered and unlimited/flat rate send fax service - for your Enterprise, Order-Fulfillment, Lobbying or other fax solutions.

Interpage's FaxUnlimited service provides for your Website's or company's faxing needs without the need for expensive fax servers or the support which they require, at a fixed monthly rate without any per-use or per-minute charges.

The FaxUnlimited service is offered in two rateplan variants: Dedicated-line (fixed) and Dynamic (switched) unmetered faxing to most US and Canadian regional calling areas and/or LATAs.

The FaxUnlimited service is a specialized pricing variant of Interpage's OutFax Service, a fax via e-mail system which accepts simple e-mail commands (SMTP) and/or URL-based form data which are then automatically converted to fax format and sent out within a matter of seconds. Supported file types include: DOC/WORD, RTF, XLS, PostScript, HTML (and retrieval of content via URLs), PDF, G3, plain-text, and others. Additionally, an optional, free software Client is also available in conjunction with the OutFax Service offering desktop and/or command line integration. With the Client, faxes may be sent from within Microsoft Word or from a stand-alone or networked PC's desktop with just a few mouse clicks!

Interpage's OutFax(sm) service provides a simple, time-saving and all-inclusive solution to your Internet faxing and content-dissemination needs which can be easily integrated into your current email and/or Web-based services.

FaxUnlimited's flat-rate pricing plans ensure that enterprise customers, lobbying firms, and other groups will know ahead of time what their fax costs will be and can budget accordingly irrespective of cumulative fax usage and/or minutes.

FaxUnlimited Features

The FaxUnlimited service offers the following features in addition to those of the standard OutFax service:

* No per-use or per-minute charges:
All faxes sent in a given calling area are included in all FaxUnlimited rateplans.

* Predictable Cost Basis: Know ahead of time each month what your costs will be regardless of customer fax use, lobbying responses, orders, etc., allowing enterprise customers to build in predictable costs into their proposals, estimates, or service price structure.

* US and Canadian Service Areas: Unlimited Faxing is available to all States/Provinces of the US or Canada, and combined plans with both countries are available; please inquire for details.

* Reliable and Redundant service
based on Interpage's OutFax service, offering multiple servers and backup access methods.


Dynamic/Plan 006: FaxUnlimited/006 offers a modestly-priced option for ad-hoc faxing, such as for order fullfillment, faxing to Congress and local political action alerts, centrallization of office or enterprize faxing, and general fax needs.FaxUnlimited/006 utilizes excess capacity which Interpage is not using for dedicated plans (such as standard OutFax service, and the FaxUnlimited/007 plan (below), while also offering a minimum "floor" hourly capacity. FaxUnlimited/006 is available to send to all US States or the Canadian Provinces and Territories iterated below, for $250 per month with a $250 one-time set up fee. Plan 006 is month to month and has no minimum service term greater than one month.

There are two North American markets for the $250/006 plan:

* United States: All numbers in the 50 US States and
   Washington, DC, are included. (FaxUNL/006)
* Canada: All numbers in: PE, NS, NB, NF, QC, ON, MB,
   SK, AB, BC, YT, NU and NT. (FaxUNL/006C)

A combined plan with both markets is available for $395.00 per month; Rateplan code: FaxUNL/006N

Dedicated-Static/Plan 007: FaxUnlimited/007 offers four static (dedicated) simultaneous/continuous-use channels with guaranteed bandwidth and additional on-availability dynamic channels for $795.00 per month per market with a $250 one-time set up fee. The service period is month to month, with a minimum/initial period of two months, collected upon activation. Rateplan Code: OutFax/007

There are 2 markets available in North America with the $795/007 Plan:

* United States: All numbers in the 50 US States and
   Washington, DC, are included. (FaxUNL/007)
* Canada: All numbers in: PE, NS, NB, NF, QC, ON, MB,
   SK, AB, BC, YT, NU and NT. (FaxUNL/007C)

A combined plan with both markets is available for $999.00 per month; Rateplan code: OutFax/007N


There is no charge to send faxes to any number in the selected calling area. All calling area calls are included, and you may send as many faxes as your subscribed and dynamic channel allocation rateplan provides for with no per-use charges of any kind.

(Should you elect to enable faxes outside the unlimited calling area, they will be billed at the reduced rate of 8 cents per minute or less, or at the posted rate for calls outside of the US and Canada.)

Features such as E-Mail forwarding to other e-mail addresses, detailed and parsable billing e-mail messages, Web/URL faxing, multiple file-type support, queue and success/fail confirmation messages, web-based and telnet configuration access are also included at no additional charge. (Certain additional features not listed in this paragraph may incur additional monthly/per-use charges, please inquire for details). Interpage-maintained (database resident on Interpage's servers) Group/Multiple Destination Lists may NOT be used with any FaxUnlimited(sm) plan; you may maintain your own group lists on your own servers as needed.

Additional channel capacity may be purchased for a higher monthly rate; please inquire for details.

Customers who prefer per-use fax pricing plans may click here for alternate pricing plans.

Certain limitations may apply; please review Interpage's Policies for additional information.

Demonstration / Free-Trial standard OutFax accounts are available for 7-day evaluation periods; please contact Interpage at +1 (650) 331-3900 for details, or complete the OutFax Trial Activation Form.


If you have questions, comments, or need help, please contact us via:

Web-based Support/Inquiry Interface

Telephone: +1 (650) 331-3900

Interpage Contacts Page

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our fax or other services!

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