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    Overview diagram of Interpage NSI's Gateway and other integration services between the Internet and messaging/paging, faxing, voice/Text-to-Speech, and legacy telecommunications and notification systems

    Interpage is an enhanced Internet gateway service which will send, receive and integrate SMTP/E-mail and HTTP/Web-based messages and content to/from a variety of messaging devices and platforms. Faxes may be viewed from any web browser, bulk paging may be accomplished via simple e-mail commands, Web-site failure or Internet connectivity failure conditions may be immediately messaged to on-call personnel, and more!

    Many Interpage services have a duality of applications while utilizing the same technology base and interconnecting similar end devices.

    For example, the messaging and paging gateway may be utilized at the individual/personal account level as an automated, semi-fixed "e-mail to mobile and/or pager" service, where e-mail and web-based messages are sent to a given customer's pager(s), cellphone(s), PDA(s), and or other devices, based on the user's desired preferences and scheduling needs.

    At the Enterprise level, the Messaging/Paging Gateway may be accessed using the OutPage protocol, which allows for full integration between a server, gateway, or other device/network which needs to send out messages, with detailed delivery confirmation, scripted navigation of up-front PIN or IVR paging trees, simultaneous bulk dispatch to alpha and numeric-only paging terminals, and more.

    Similarly, the same duality is evidenced in the InFax and OutFax services, both of which accomplish essentially the same fundemantal task (of sending messages, Web content, and e-mail to fax machines), but providing a substantially different interface, degree of integration, and overal suitability of purpose.

    Most Interpage services may be accessed and configured via a Web-based interface, a textual Telnet interface, and/or e-mail commands.

    This overview summarizes and graphically illustrates the majority of Interpage's services. Please browse the sections below to learn about the service or services which are of interest to you or to discern which services best meet your needs. Each service category has links to specific pages which address the specifics of the service in significantly greater detail. As this is a general overview, certain more "niche" or esoteric services may not be iterated here; if a desired service is absent from this overview, please visit the Interpage Home Page for additional service selections or contact us at +1 (650) 331-3900.

    Interpage's services can be broken into five primary categories:

    * Messaging/Paging
    * Faxing
    * Inbound Messaging/Paging
    * Voice Broadcast, Notification, and Reception Services
    * Enhanced Services

    The Interpage Messaging and Paging Gateway links legacy devices to pagers, SMS/MMS, POTS lines and Smartphones
    Messaging & Paging Services:

    Interpage's personal messaging/paging gateway allows recipients to be paged on any pager, either alpha or numeric, e-mail capable or GSM mobile phone, PDA/Palm, or other messaging device anywhere in the world, whenever a new e-mail is received either directly at Interpage or retrieved remotely via POP Mail Retrieval. All mail received at and/or retrieved via POP Mail may be filtered for day, time, subject, sender, "to" header, and keywords, and may be "scheduled" to prevent unwanted messages. Cellphone and pager numbers never need to be given out to people who may abuse them, only one point of contact need be divulged rather than numbers and codes for multiple devices, and the Personal Paging subscriber retains a greater degree of control over when and who can message them.

    Interpage's Enterprise Messaging & Paging Gateway facilitates firms and organizations which need to send large volumes of alpha, numeric-only, and mobile phone pages/messages to a variety of systems worldwide. Enterpise customers utilize the OutPage Protocol, which instructs the Interpage Paging Gateway Server to send pages via simple e-mail or URL-based commands to alpha, numeric, and PIN "front-end" paging systems, cellphones, SMS messaging to US and International mobile phones, PDAs, satellite pagers, and other messaging devices.

    Additional information on Interpage's paging services can be reviewed at:

    For additional information on other paging and messaging services, please consult the Paging Services Main Page or the Interpage Main Page and select the appropriate service.

    Interpage Fax Gateway for inbound and outbound fax traffic providing metered and unlimited fax products to developers, webmasters, corporate environments, and individual users

    Interpage's fax services provide customers with the ability send and receive faxes via e-mail or the World Wide Web. Interpage's Fax Services use standard, well-defined protocols (e-mail/SMTP and web/HTTP) to accept fax requests and display received fax content, and thus special software or clients are never required in order to access and utilize any of Interpage's fax (or other) services.

    OutFax service allows any e-mail user to send high-quality fax messages to any fax machine, worldwide, at significantly reduced rates, including plans with unlimited transmission of faxes. Geared towards enterprise / e-commerce applications, OutFax offers detailed and customizable confirmation messages at many stages of the fax process, which may be integrated and scripted into servers, web sites, and other networked applications to provide a for a tightly linked fax component service with real-time status information to end-users. The OutFax service also offers an optional Software Client which bundles the "back end" work into a desktop client integrating with Word and other applications to provide a drop down "fax" menu. A Command Prompt / Command Line interface is also provided for Windows scripting applicati ons.

    LobbyByFax.Com provides a "front end" for the OutFax service so that organizations requiring a turnkey constituent/activist alert/response system may immediately implement an action alert campaign to Congress, State Capitals, County Seats, City/Municipal Governments, and other legislative, executive, and administrative elementsof government, both in the United States and elsewhere worldwide. LobbyByFax allows activist groups and organizations to directly link to a specific action alert from the given group's web site, allowing their members/respondents to quickly select their state and representatives they wish to contact, and immediately fax a pre-written letter (which can optionally be modified by the respondent) to their given Congressional or other representative delegation with minimal effort on the part of the respondents. LobbyByFax can function both as a short-term or interim solution for immediate alerts which do not afford sufficient time for inclusion into an extant web site, or as a customized, outsourced advocacy management system on a long-term basis with administrative access and customized graphics and group iconography. Additional details are available on the Lobby Services page; a list of currently open LobbyByFax alerts is available on the Current LobbyByFax Alerts page.

    InFax service provides customers with a virtual e-mail address for instances where e-mail access is difficult, unreliable, or infeasable. InFax customers attain an address on the Internet and will receive an instant fax at any fax machine worldwide, the moment the e-mail arrives, saving wasted logins to check for mail. InFax is suitable for applications where "hard copy" is needed in a timely manner without having to to manually read mail and print it out, such as to take incoming orders at a take-out food shop, or at a parts department supplying local retailers.

    FaxUp provides an online fax mailbox accessible via the Web, E-Mail, with some plans, via telephone or cellphone. FaxUp customers may view, store, lock, annotate, re-send (via fax or email) and generally manage their online fax mailbox from the World Wide Web, Palm Pilots or other web-capable PDAs, E-Mail, or Touch Tone telephone access -- without the need of any special software. Most features of the FaxBox service (below) are included.

    FaxBox provides a standalone unlimited-use fax and voicemail box with local access and enhanced features. Faxes may be sent to a virtual fax storage system, and reviewed and re-printed from any fax machine worldwide. FaxBox numbers provide for multiple access lines so that callers will never receive a busy signal. Fax Station ID or Caller ID (when available) is provided with uploaded faxes and read to callers upon review of their mailbox, and callers may record a brief introductory annotation if they wish to discuss the content of their fax.

    WebFax Pro provides an instant and affordable way to update Web-based content without any knowledge of HTML or programming -- all that is required is a fax machine. WebFaxPro assigns a unique URL to uploaded fax content which may be linked to from web sites as a means to provide updated content without having to regularly re-code a given page or site.

    FAXTest tests one or more fax machines, fax modem banks, or cloud-based fax numbers/servers, and sends alert messages when faxes fail to be properly sent to the specified fax destinations. (Success messages confirming proper operation are also available.) FAXTest can also test outbound reliability, and report back to on-call staff if a given fax device, line, or service fails to properly send faxes in a timely manner.

    More information on our fax-based services can be found on our fax index or from the main page under the Fax Services icon.

    TAP/IXO Alpha Dispatch provides a modem/dialup means to send e-mail, pages, faxes, and voicemail messages. Interpage's Self-Dispatch services are employed to provide a backup/redundant link for remote sites to notifiy the "outside world" when a failure of Internet connectivty is detected. Paging carriers and Operator Dispatch Providers also utilize Interpage's TAP/IXO Self-Dispatch Gateway to add e-mail, pager, cellphone and SMS delivery to their notification regimes, allowing customers to receive alpha, numeric, or operator-dispatch messages on many paging/messaging devices.

    TapTest Modem Verification tests TAP dispatch ports for call centers, dispatch providers, and general paging terminals, and if the tested TAP/IXO system fails to respond or is otherwise inoperative, will send a text message to cellphones, alpha or numeric message to on-call pagers, email destinations, faxes, and voice telephones via synthesized speech.

    Numeric/DTMF Dispatch offers a Touch Tone (DTMF) "Numeric Pager" system for messaging to E-Mail, Pager, Cellphone, SMS and Voice gateway. Voicemail systems, remote monitoring equipment, alarm systems or nearly any other device or service which needs to message to multiple end units and/or place content on the Internet via e-mail may dial into Interpage's Touch Tone / DTMF gateway, dispatch a message (either numeric, alpha, or "canned") via touch tones, and have the message sent as e-mail and/or any of the other aforementioned devices or systems. Numeric Pager to E-Mail access numbers are available throughout the US and Canada, as well as most major European, Asian, Pacific, and South American countries. The Interpage Scheduler (log in as guest with no password to try) may be used to filter and control which pages are sent to given e-mail destinations and mobile devices, based on time, day of the week, Caller ID of the calling party, and more.

    WebAlert Multi-line Custom-Branded Numeric PIN-based Enterprise Messaging/Paging provides for a numeric Touch Tone/DTMF paging and messaging front end to send messages to multiple destinations, such as cellphones, pagers, email, fax and voice, to supplement existing institutional paging and messaging systems, such as those in hospitals, clinics, public safety, legacy voicemail systems, and other dispatch applications.

    Enhanced services include:

    LinkAlert monitors remote sites, web-content, or Internet links, and immediately alerts staff via pager, cellphone, fax, or voice of any network outages. Specific ports, keywords and other specialized monitoring parameters may be set to customize a reliable alert regime.

    WebReach provides an integrated package of Web identities, inquiry/order faxing, and electronic commerce services.

    Voice Services

    InterTalk, Interpage's e-mail to speech system and control system, allows customers to access Interpage from any touch tone phone to manipulate account options and for e-mail transcription. Customers may hear header information, or an entire e-mail message. Customers may also send a brief reply, forward the mail to another e-mail address, or even fax it to any fax machine worldwide. Additionally, InterTalk may be used to configure certain Interpage settings, such as adding new reminder pages, requesting a new stock quote for paging, or if traveling, to remotely add a weather forecast, for example.

    OutVoice sends voice (via text to speech) and WAV files to voice telephones, including cellphones. OutVoice may be used to "fill in" gaps in pager or messaging coverage by calling a cellphone or POTS (regular landline) phone directly and relaying critical information verbally. OutVoice uses a series of e-mail based command codes with similar syntax to the OutFax and OutPage protocols.

    Interpage Voicemail service offers local voicemail numbers in the US and Canada, as well as most European, Asian, Pacific, and South American countries. Multiple numbers can be utilized to route to the same voicemail box to establish a presence in a variety of markets and locations. Customers may access and configure their Interpage Voicemail accounts from any Touch Tone phone worldwide, and receive e-mail messages with received messages attached as WAV files, as well as e-mail notifications and SMS messages on cellphones, pagers, and other mobile devices. The Interpage Scheduler (log in as guest, with no password to try) may be used to direct and filter which messages are sent to given e-mail addresses and mobile devices, based on time, day of the week, Caller ID of the calling party, and more.

    Contacts To receive additional information about Interpage's Services, you may contact us via:

    Telephone: +1 (650) 331-3900

    Interpage Contacts Page

    We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning any of the above or other services.

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