Know with certainty that alerts will be received! OutVoice provides natural sounding text-to-speech voice notification and/or WAV sound file alerts to landlines, cellphones, satellite phones and other voice devices, with receipt confirmation.Try the free demo!
Control your fax costs with flat-rate faxing! Interpage's FaxUnlimited service lets you fax to all of the US and Canada for a fixed monthly fee, with no per-fax or per-minute charges!
Enhance or replace your pager with DirectPage! Get numeric and alpha-dispatched messages on your smartphone, tablet, cellphone, and/or pager, as e-mail and/or other destinations!
Receive online orders immediately on your fax machine and cellphone! Restaurants, Delivery/take-outs, and Online Stores are faxed with hard-copy orders from their web sites via InFax. SMS/Cellphone and e-mail notification is also available
Have your automated equipment, alarms, and industrial control devices call only one number! Use the Interpage to accept TAP, Touch Tones, or silent calls from alarm systems / automated equipment, and send messages to multiple users/devices.
Need to add cellphone/SMS, email, fax and voice notification to your phone / voicemail system? Interpage can provide custom-branded messaging to existing enterprise voicemail system, to provide scheduled/filtered notifications to cellphones, pagers, email and fax without requiring any new equipment or software!
Send messages to nearly any wireless device with Interpage's Messaging and Paging Gateway! Mobile phones, wireless devices, alpha pagers and numeric-only pagers can all be notified using a single messaging gateway and simple commands which are easily integrated into any web/cloud based application, messaging software, or internet-connected device.
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OutFax send-fax service
Unlimited Use OutFax Service
Simple Restaurant/online fax and SMS orders
Interpage General Fax Services Page

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Messaging and Paging Gateway
OutVoice Text-to-Speech and WAV Gateway
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To receive additional information about Interpage's Services, please go to:

The Interpage Contacts Page
Or call us at +1 (650) 331-3900 during US Pacific Business Hours.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our faxing or other services!
Thank you for using Interpage's FreeFax (sm) service!

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Interpage Free / Test Services
Interpage Subscription / Paid Services
FreeFax / Interpage Privacy Policy:
Interpage's FreeFax Service lets you measure the speed and reliability of Interpage's fax services. We do NOT use fax numbers entered for future solicitations nor is any information sold to outside sources or used for marketing or tracking purposes of any kind. The FreeFax service is solely provided as a means to evaluate Interpage's fax-based services and is otherwise unsupported. Please see our NO TRACKING policy for details.
Interpage Web-Based Free Fax Demonstration

This is a free service offered by Interpage to demonstrate and promote our fast, robust, and reliable fax-based services. Using this service, you may send a fax for free to any US/Canadian, Western European, New Zealand, or Australian-based destination to test out your fax machine and Interpage's fax services. Interpage will wait for 120 seconds after you click "Send" so you can make sure your fax is connected and ready to receive, and then send a test fax to the number you entered.

The test service uses a template MS Word DOC file; many alternate fax formats, such PDF, PostScript, HTML/URLs/remote web sites, UUENCODE, XLS, Microsoft Office, plain-text, etc., are supported via the paid/subscription OutFax, FaxUnlimited, or InFax Web/Online-order-to-Fax services.)

Parties interested in establishing a free, week-long, limited-use fax trial account may fax or scan/e-mail a non-billing (free) trial form back to Interpage; verification/activation of the free trial account will generally occur within one business day of submission. If you do not hear back from us, or for any other question or matter, please contact Interpage during business hours at +1 (650) 331-3900, or at any time via our Web-based inquiry page.

To send a test fax:

Enter the destination fax number in the box immediately below. US/Canadian numbers should be 10-digits, without any spaces, dashes, or brackets. Thus, to send a fax to (213) 555-1212, please enter "2135551212" (without quotes). International faxes require "011" first, with no leading "+", so that +44 (207) 555-1212 would be entered "011442075551212".

             Phone number:

Please enter a single alpha character or number which will appear on the cover sheet of your fax. This character/number may be used to correlate a given fax's transmission time with it's reception at your test location(s) to time throughput and speed.

Alpha/Numeric Character:

Please enter your text message below. NOTE: Due to potentially malicious prior use of this service, no part of the text box below will be transmitted for this service; interested parties who wish to use the variable text/document OutFax service should contact Interpage for a signup form and trial account.


If your destination number and recipient are correct, please click below to send your fax. (Please click only once and wait for confirmation; repeat senders may be blocked from the test service.)


(To view the above free test tabs in a static, non-tabbed page, click here.)

For a complete list of Interpage's Free Test Services, click here.

Free fax machine or fax service send/receive test service!

The Interpage Fax Test Receive service allows you to send a fax from your fax machine or fax service, and Interpage will capture your CallerID, receive the fax, and if the fax is properly received, re-transmit the fax back to you at the number from which it was sent.

To use the Fax Test Receive service, send a fax (of no more than 5 pages) to (650) 530-9014 from the fax machine or number where you want the test fax re-sent to you.

If the fax is successfully received, a copy will be sent back to you, with an explanatory cover sheet from Interpage. The received fax will appear exactly as we received it, and can be used to guage the quality and appearance of faxes which your fax machine or fax service sends.

A static, non-tabbed Re-Fax instruction page is available here.

              Interpage Fax Reception Free Test chart, showing a test fax being sent to Interpage, and if successfully received, the fax is then re-transmitted back to the person who sent it. The Fax Reception Test Service provides a means to test the quality your fax maxchine and fax transmissions by sending back your fax exactly as it was received.

As with all Interpage free fax/test services, information obtained in the test reception and retransmission process is not used for marketing purposes, sold, or used in any way other than in furtherance of the completion of the fax reception test; please consult the Interpage Privacy page for details.

For additional information concerning Interpage's subscription fax reception services, please see the:

Send a free test Text Message, SMS or Page!

The Interpage SMS/Text Test Messaging Service sends test text/SMS, graphic/multimedia/MMS, and long (greater than 160 characters) multiple text messages to US and Canadian cellular phones, and is available as a BETA trial.

The Test SMS/MMS/Text messaging service may be accessed from any US and Canadian cellular phone by dialing (650) 456-4556 from the mobile phone to be tested. Callers should follow the instructions and menu prompts to select their carrier, after which their desired type of text or MMS message will be immediately sent to their phone.

Interpage's SMS/Text Test Service is free to use, and no information (other than the phone number to send the test message to) is gathered from the calling phone. Interpage does not sell any calling information, nor will callers be called as a result of use of the test service. (Note: Although most modern calling plans offer free long distance to call the test number, and do not charge to receive text/SMS and multimedia/MMS messages, a few plans may still charge for such use; these charges, if any, are imposed by the carrier, not Interpage; please check with your carrier for details.)

Additional information is available on the SMS/MMS Test Service and Interpage Free Tests Main pages.


For additional information on Interpage's Messaging and Paging services, please select from:

Free voice recording/playback service!

The Voice Test Service, part of a demonstration of how Interpage's OutVoice Service and Voicemail System function, allows callers to record a brief message which is in turn played back to the number from which the message was left.

To utilize the service, callers should dial

(510) 315-1211

...and follow the prompts to leave a message with the Voicemail Service. Within a few moments, the OutVoice Service will call back and replay the deposited message.

               Interpage Free Voice Test, Voicemail Test, Voice Latency, and Bell System Not-In-Service Caller ID Readback demonstration services provide free, telephone-based tests to hear voice quality, latency, and Caller ID information.

Other voice test and special service numbers:
  • Latency Test: (802) 359-9100 - Listen for Voice-over-IP and digital cellular induced delays and latency (as compared to traditional landlines).

  • Number Readback/Telemarketer Block: (614) 448-1122 - Calling number readback in the format of a Bell System "not in service" recording, which can also be played to telemarketers and unwanted callers to appear that their (the calling) number has been disconnected.
For additional information on Interpage's free test, or Voice, Messaging and IVR services, please visit the Free Test Services or the Voice Services pages.
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Interpage Free Fax Service
Send a test fax for FREE to anywhere in the United States/Canada, most of Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia! The FreeFax service sends a free, three-page fax as a test - just enter the fax destination in the blue area below. Additionally, LobbyByFax allows you to send a free fax to your Congressional Delegation about a variety of current issues, or create a letter of your own by selecting the appropriate link from the green-boxed area. (Redirects to the Free Test SMS, Test Message & Paging page (that is, not this Free Test Fax page), please click here)
Phone: (650)331 3900 Fax: (650)292 1600
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Vote NO on tolls in Connecticut - Send a letter via fax for free to Hartford legislators telling lawmakers that you do not want free roads tolled and that you are opposed to tolls and tolling roads in CT!
Stop Tolls in Connecticut - Keep our Interstates Free!

The State of Connecticut is seeking to bail itself out of prior financial mismanagement by tolling currently free Interstate highways and the Merritt Parkway with 50 or more electronic toll gantries which will photograph and record all vehicles as they traverse the state. Besides being intrusive, electronic tolling of currently free roads allows Connecticut - or any state - to violate long-standing agreements and conventions with both its citizens and out-of-state motorists in terms of highway funding, and to essentially set up a "money mill" along roads which have already been paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Please take 15 seconds to send a free fax to Hartford to tell CT lawmakers that you oppose government going back on its word, and expect CT's free highways - and by extension all free highways - to remain toll-free! A pre-written response is provided, which you may modify, or you may write one of your own. Thank you!