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The Interpage TAPTest service monitors one or more TAP/IXO Paging Terminals, modems or modem banks, and upon detecting a failure or fault, will send messages to cellphones, pagers, and e-mail, and even fax or call via synthesized voice to alert on-call staff that a failure condition exists and that a critical TAP modem is not working and requires immediate attention.

By constantly checking TAP paging/messaging ports/modems, TAPTest provides the assurance and peace of mind that a vital component of your firm or organization's communication infrastructure is working and operational at all times, to ensure that urgent and critical alerts and issues are always received by on-call and response staff.

(For inquiries and information pertaining to Interpage's TAP Gateway, TAP Dispatch, or other TAP Messaging to E-Mail/SMS services, please review the TAP/Self-Dispatch Overview page, or for general messaging and paging services, please visit the Messaging and Paging Services Home Page.)

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TAPTest Service Overview

Is your/your carrier's TAP Modem working? Chart of Interpage's TAPTest service, which monitors and tests TAP/IXO Self-Dispatch paging equipment, paging terminals, modems and modem banks to ensure that they are operational and which sends out alerts to notify staff and other responders when a failure or fault is detected. The chart depicts an operating TAP/IXO Self-Dispatch paging modem and the optional

Does your company or organization send or receive messages via the TAP (Telephone Alphanumeric Protocol) and depends on your or a given mobile, paging, or messaging carrier's TAP system to be operative at all times? Do you know if your or your carrier's TAP dispatch systems are currently working, so that critical, emergency, or other messages can get through? Interpage's TAPTest service can help ensure 100% reliability by monitoring any given TAP-based system and report back immediately when a failure is detected.

Companies and entities which depend on 24-hour messaging/paging uptime and reliability may utilize Interpage's TAPTest service to detect when a TAP terminal or modem which they dispatch to, or one which they receive messages from, is not working, malfunctioning, or unavailable, allowing for a timely response before a critical situation arises.

Similarly, Paging Carriers, Mobile and Wireless Providers, Hospitals and Corporate Campuses with private paging systems, or any other entity which provides access to their wireless messaging and paging infrastructure via a TAP port (modems) may utilize TAPTest to ensure that they are alerted immediately if and when their TAP port/modem fails - and before their customers, clients, and messaging recipients do!

TAPTest can provide both paging/messaging users as well as suppliers the peace of mind knowing that their TAP messaging service is working and fully operational at all times, or upon detection of a failure with a given TAP/IXO dispatch terminal, the TAPTest service will immediately send any number of text/SMS messages, alpha/numeric pages, emails, faxes, and even place voice calls to alert on-call staff and any destination in a group messaging list that a fault has been detected with a given TAP Terminal/modem and requires attention.

TAPTest alerts may also optionally be filtered by content, time, or day of the week via a web-based (or telnet-based) scheduling interface, so that only "on-call" personnel or those responsible for a given TAP paging terminal or modem are notified in the event of a failure. The TAPTest schedule interface may be accessed from any browser or via a text-based interface without the use of a web/HTML-based browser, allowing changes and modifications to a notification regime to be made instantly, from anywhere, and changes take effect immediately.

A demonstration of the Web-based "scheduler" is available here; please log in as guest and leave the password blank. You may also connect via telnet to interpage.net, log in as guest, and select option 6 from the main menu.

TAPTest Service Plans and Rates
  • TAPTest/001: $25 per month, with a one-time $25 set up fee. One monitored TAP Terminal is included, with each additional monitored TAP terminal billed at an addtional $10 per month. Each notification of an inoperative terminal (or optionally of an operating terminal confirmation) is billed at 25 cents per recipient. Up to 10 daily tests may be scheduled with the TAPTest/001 plan per monitored terminal/line.

  • TAPTest/002: $50 per month, with a one-time $50 set up fee. Five monitored sites are included, with each additional monitored TAP terminal billed at an additional $5 per month. Up to 10,000 notifications (of inoperative and optional operative tests) are included per month, after which a 10 cent per recipient charge will apply. Up to 10 daily tests may be scheduled with the TAPTest/002 plan per monitored terminal/line.

  • TAPTEST/003: $250 per month, with a one-time $250 set up fee. One hundred (100) monitored sites are included, with each additional monitored TAP terminal billed at $5 per month. Notifications of TAP modem failures (or the optional confirmation that a given terminal is operating) are unlimited/unmetered - there is no per use charge for notifications sent out. Up to 20 daily tests may be scheduled with the TAPTest/003 plan per monitored terminal/line.

  • Customers requiring higher frequency testing, a higher number of tested TAP terminals/lines, customized, and/or branded services may wish to consider a custom TAPTest plan; please contact Interpage for details.


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