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Interpage’s messaging, paging, fax, voice and content gateways have provided for reliable and secure integration between the Internet and traditional communications media, platforms, and devices, since 1995.

Interpage Messaging and Paging services foster greater integration between the Internet, SMS / Mobiles, and more traditional / legacy communications media and devices. These services facilitate messaging from web, cloud-based, or hosted servers and applications for large-scale messaging integration via the Enterprise Messaging / Paging Gateway, as well as for smaller, personal applications such as e-mail notification and distribution via Personal Messaging / Paging Services.

Interpage’s Fax Gateway Send/Receive and other services include a fast, highly effective and configurable suite of fax-based services by which multiple file formats (DOC, PDF, HTML, plain text) can be converted to/from faxes, as well as other fax services, including automated order and inquiry fulfillment via fax, fax machine / server monitoring and failure alerts, fax reception with secure online viewing, and automated fax reception and multiple-destination r edistribution.

Interpage’s Voice Messaging and Integration Services integrate Internet and Web-based applications, servers and notification systems with traditional voice telephony and messaging, providing a physical link or gateway between web/cloud-based servers or internet-connected devices/applications and landline/POTS phones, cellular/mobile phones, pagers, e-mail, fax, and other devices and destinations.

The Interpage Alert / Confirmation and Emergency Escalation Service ensures that critical on-call personnel are notified and respond to time-sensitive alerts, based on a configurable alert hierarchy, which is progressively escalated in the event of a failure by one or more alert recipients to confirm the receipt of a given alert. Services to connect monitoring and alarm equipment to wireless and wireline equipment are also available.

Interpage Self-Dispatch services include TAP/IXO alpha, or numeric-only meessaging to text/SMS, pagers and other devices, connecting older voicemail systems and other legacy equipment (such as coin-operated or automated monitoring equipment) with Internet applications and mobile devices, as well as other general services to exrtend the reach and usefulness of non-Internet enabled equipment and machinery.

Interpage Specialized services include a telephone IVR testing and monitoring service, text messaging and wireless data test and uptime monitoring services, the LinkAlert connectivity and internet failure notification service, and custom services which integrate web-based content to and from wireless and more traditional communications media.

Interpage is an enhanced Internet gateway service which will send, receive and integrate SMTP/E-mail and HTTP/Web-based messages and content to/from a variety of messaging devices and platforms.

IT Integration

A quick, step-by-step guide on integrating Interpage's Messaging/Paging, Fax, Voice gateway and notification services with cloud-based applications, corporate servers, and enterprise platforms.

Free Trial Signup

Interpage offers free, week-long service trials to help evaluate a given product and service at no cost and with no commitment. Click on the above icon for more information.

Free Test Services

Interpage Free Tests for Faxing, Messaging, Paging, Voice, Caller ID and other services. Click on the above icon for the Interpage Test Services page and select one of the test options.

Send a Free Test Page

The Interpage Test Messaging Service sends test text, SMS, graphic, multimedia MMS, and long (greater than 160 character) multipart messages to US & Canadian cellular phones.

Send a Free Test Fax

Send a test fax for free to anywhere in the United States & Canada, most of Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia, with a three-page test fax of text, images and a cover sheet.

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