Interpage On-Call Medical Messaging Service
The Interpage On-Call Medical Messaging Service provides a single platform to integrate messages from patients, outside callers, in-house staff, and automated equipment and alert services to utilize a common interface to schedule and prioritize recipients based on on-call status, time of day, day of week, and/or the content of a given message or page.

Messaging Service customers may integrate numeric messaging (only; for HIPAA compliance purposes), alpha messaging, operator dispatch, and e-mail messaging via common and simple web-based interface, and direct received messages to a variety of wireless and other messaging devices and recipients.

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Chart of the Interpage On-Call Hospital/Medical Paging and Messaging Integration Service. The chart depicts doctors, clinics, and patients calling a given medical group and sending alerts via a number of methods, including via TAP/IXO and directly access Touch Tone/DTMF, and Interpage taking those messages and sending them to a variety of destinations which the alarm/alerts can not normally connect to, such as Internet sites, cellular/smartphones, e-mail, fax, verbal/voice notification (with receipt confirmation) to landline (and cellular phones), and other end devices such as alpha and numeric pagers.

The Interpage On-Call Medical and Practice Messaging System (MPMS) serves as single messaging platform to instantly notify staff and disseminate alerts in a given practice or medical institution. The MPMS offers multiple input methods, on-line management of recipients and per-recipient notification schedules, messaging to nearly any end device, including cellular phones, alpha pagers, numeric-only pagers, e-mail, fax, and voice telephones. Moreover, the MPMS can restrict accessand content type so that only HIPAA-compliant messages are received and re-transmitted within (our outside of) a given practice, office, or institution.

MPMS account administrators may enable, modify, or disable a given user/receipient's account, or access and delivery capabilities of a given account, from a s imple, secure, web-based interface, and which can be automated and/or scripted to integrate with other platforms or customer software.

Outside access to MPMS may also be controlled and set to prevent or block anyone other than specified callers, fax senders, voice callers or e-mail senders from accessing recipients of the MPMS system. Messaging content may also be restricted to prevent non-HIPAA compliant messages from being accepted and re-transmitted via MPMS. Customized access methods along with customer-branded greetings and messages is also available; please inquire for details.

On-Call Medical and Practice Messaging System Features

Access limitations via Interpage-assigned, customer-restricted internet IPs, and/or dedicated secure certificate access, are also avaialbe on customized accounts; please inquire for details.

Services and Pricing

MPMS/001: $50 per month, with a one-time $50 set-up fee. Numeric paging access and e-mail access only. Alerts may be sent to up to 5 simultaneous destinations, such as an e-mail address, cellphone, pager, fax, or "POTS" telephone via OutVoice at no additional/per-use charge. 10,000 received calls are included per month, after which a $.02 per message charge will apply.

MPMS/002: $99 per month, with a one-time $99 set-up fee; access to the MMS system via all methodologies, including SMS/Text messaging, Numeric Paging, Alpha Dispatch, e-mail, voice and fax. Alerts may be sent to 10 simultaneous destinations at no additional/per-use charge. 10,000 received calls are included per month, after which a $.02 per message charge will apply

MPMS/003: $250 per month, with a one-time $250 set-up fee, offers similar functionality to the 002 plan above, but with custom/private branding and optional configurable prompts. Alerts may be sent to 20 simultaneous destinations at no additional/per-use charge, 20,000 received calls are included per month, after which a $.02 per message charge will apply.


Notification/voice rebroadcast to cellphones, pagers, voicemail, voice, fax and e-mail anywhere in the 50 US States, DC, or Canadian Provinces is included in the above plans. Additional per-use charges may apply when messaging outside of the US/Canada (except for email notifications, for which there are no additional charges), please contact Interpage for details.

Local access numbers, including those outside of North America, are also available. Local access numbers in the US add $20 per month to any of the MPMS plans above; in Canada add $30 per month, and outside of the US/Canada add $50 per month.


To receive additional information about Interpage's On-Call Medical and Practive Messaging System, please contact us via:

Web-based Support/Inquiry Interface

Telephone: +1 (650) 331-3900

Interpage Contacts Page

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning MPMS and our other messaging services.

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