Interpage Voicemail Integration/Internet Connectivity Services
Do you have an old voicemail system which you would like to "connect" to the Internet?

Do you have a legacy voicemail system without internet connectivity (but which you'd like to keep!), and need a way to have notifications of received messages sent out as text messages, e-mail, pages and more, to any number of mutiple destinations?

Interpage's Voicemail Integration/Connectivity Services provide a bridge between older, legacy, or any non-internet enabled voicemail service, fax service, or other similar equipment, and the internet and other traditional messaging devices and destinations. The Voicemail Integration/Connectivity service can send messages to nearly any destination, including smart/cell phones, SMS/MMS/Internet-capable devices, pagers, faxes, e-mail addresses, and Voice/Text-to-Speech notification to landline and other telephones, when a message arrives to a given voicemail account or mailbox, without the need to purchase any additional equipment, software licenses, or even provide internet access!.

Besides providing a reliable and stable means to send out notification of received messages (and faxes) on an existing voicemail system or messaging platform, Voicemail Integration can also be of use for voicemail systems which do have internet connectivity and serves as a fall-back/backup notification methodology when a site's internet service is down or inoperative. Thus, when a given office, site, or building's internet connection is down or otherwise fails, the Interpage Voicemail Integration service allows voicemail systems/servers and other similar equipment to continue to notify and send important/critical messages to recipients via an alternate path utilizing regular phone lines to send out status messages, emergency alerts, and other messages to first responders, on-call staff, or other personnel immediately. For companies and entities which use a Voice-over-IP phone system, Interpage's old/legacy voicemail connectivity services may be used to notify repair staff via a non-VoIP phone line that an outage has occurred and requires attention to restore telephone service to offices or buildings with VoIP telephone service.

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Keep your existing voicemail system and connect it with the Internet! Chart of Interpage Voicemail Integration Service for non-Internet connected voicemail systems to send messages to any device or destination (such as e-mail, SMS/Text, to pagers, to voice, and fax), and as a backup link for when Internet connectivity is down so that voicemail and fax servers can still notifiy recpients of newly received messages.

Interpage Voicemail Integration provides both connectivity for non-internet enabled voicemail and other messaging systems (such as fax boards and servers), as well as a backup link and means for outward notification for systems/servers which do have internet access but need a reliable alternate path for notification should internet connectivity fail. (Note: Alarm system, coin-op, industrial controls, and operators of other automated monitoring equipment may also wish to review the Alarm Messaging Service page for similar products.)

Non-Internet enabled systems/servers may utilize the Voicemail Integration service to send out notifications of received voicemail messages (or faxes or other communications) to one or more users or devices, such as cell phones, email, pagers, voice or fax. The given non-Internet or legacy device contacts Interpage via regular phone lines as it would normally dial out to notify a pager or phone, but instead sends a message, via Touch Tone (DTMF) and/or TAP to the Voicemail Integration Service. Upon receipt of the message, the Voicemail Integration Service will send a customized message to one or more pre-defined recipients that a new voicemail (or fax or other communication) has arrived, and present the recipient with information on how to call in and retrieve their messages, other contact information, and other customized messages as needed.

Internet-enabled systems/servers may similarly utilize Voicemail Integration as a backup to internet-based notification in the event that their internet connection fails, yet messages still need to be reliably sent to voicemail users/subscribers who demand timely and fail-safe notification of important messages, faxes, and other communications. In the event of an internet connectivity failure, the Voicemail Integration service will provide immediate notifications to subscribers and customers to ensure there is no gap in notification coverage. As per the above, messages can be customized and formatted on a per-subscriber basis with message retrieval information and other details specific to a given organization or service.

Additionally, unlike traditional voicemail and other service notification systems, where each voicemail or fax account can have messages delivered to only one recipient, Interpage's Voicemail Integration Service optionally offers an intelligent, database-driven dispatch center which, when a message is received, can automatically transmit the received message to one or more end devices, such as cellphones via SMS, legacy pagers, e-mail or fax to a supervisory account for quality control, and even call recipients with clear, automated voice transcription of received messages to assure that a critical message or communication is received and acknowledged.

Voicemail Integration provides a critical link for offices, servers and server co-locators with a non-internet based means to alert customers, personnel, and on-call staff in the event of an internet connectivity failure. Interpage's Voicemail Integration service does not rely on an Internet connection and thus provides a vital link in situations where an internet connection has failed (or is simply not available) for alerting customers, on-call staff and emergency-response employees on their cellphones, pagers, email, fax, and voice telephones (via OutVoice).

Voicemail Integration Plans and Pricing

The following Voicemail Integration plans are available:

  • Voicemail Integration/001: $25 per month, with a one-time $25 set-up fee; up to 5 voicemail accounts may be configured, each with one destination upon notification. There is no message header or body configuration available with the 001 plan. 5,000 received messages per month are included, after which each additional message will be billed at 2 cents. Access to the Voicemail Integration Service is via a shared phone line.
  • Voicemail Integration/002: $99 per month, with a one-time $99 set-up fee; up to 50 voicemail accounts may be configured, each with up to five (5) destinations for notification (such a cell phones, email, pagers, fax and voice). There is no message header or body configuration available with the the 002 plan. 10,000 messages per month are included, after which each additional message is billed at 2 cents. Access to the Voicemail Integration Service is via a dedicated phone line specific to the given account.
  • Voicemail Integration/003: $250 per month, with a one-time $250 set-up fee; up to 250 voicemail accounts may be configured, each with up to ten (10) destinations for notification (such as cell phones, email, pagers, fax, and voice). Message headers and/or the message body may be configured to contain routing, reply-to and other other company or organization-specific information in the notification messages. 20,000 messages per month are included, after which each additional message is billed at 2 cents. Access to the Voicemail Integration Service is via a dedicated phone line specific to the given account.
  • Company-branded Voicemail Integration plans with custom domains, prompts, and other special configuration options are also available; please contact Interpage for details and pricing.

    To receive additional information about Interpage's Voicemail/Server Integration and Notification services, please contact us via:

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    We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning Interpage's messaging, notification, or other services!

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