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Interpage's Enterprise Messaging/Paging Gateway allows for large-scale integration between web sites, servers and other automated web-based applications to cellular telephones, SMS mobiles, and legacy devices such as alpha and/or numeric pagers, scripted dial pagers, and even voice pagers and voicemail systems.

Other messaging/paging services and applications are available, please review the Messaging/Paging Main page and/or the Enterprise vs. Personal Messaging/Paging Comparison for details.

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Interpage Messaging and Paging Gateway diagram depicting hospitals, cloud-based servers lacking messaging connectivity, and other Internet devices using the Interpage Messaging and Paging gateway to connect to doctors, medical techs, on-call personnel, and in general mobile phones, pagers, and other wireless and messaging devices

(Personal/individual paging customers interested in sending/receiving messages to paging, cellular/mobile, SMS or other messaging destinations, please visit the personal/individual messaging gateway services page for details about Interpage's direct e-mail gateway service to/from pagers, cell phones and SMS mobiles, or view the comparison of the Enterprise and Personal Messaging Gateways for more information.)

Enterprise/Commercial entities, cloud-based servers and applications, fault monitoring services, Service Providers, and other Web and E-Mail oriented service providers may integrate Interpage's Messaging and Paging Gateway with their messaging and notification systems and services to dispatch messages via one singular account to SMS/text messaging and MMS/Multimedia recipients, alpha and numeric-only pagers, other wireless devices, and legacy messaging equipment. The Interpage Messaging gateway also supports faxing and automated voice and WAV file dispatches, and may be sent via a common messaging protocol to automate messaging and notification to nearly any end device/technology.

Interpage's Messaging and Paging Gateway can be customized on an ad-hoc/per-message basis to display customized sender IDs for SMS, MMS, and Alpha Paging recipients, and offers the ability to utilize one or more company/branded return or SMS addresses so that recipients and customers will be familiar with the identity of the sender's firm, business, or messaging campaign.

To reach older numeric-only paging systems, and specifically systems which require some degree of human input or interraction, the Messaging and Paging Gateway can also be configured to navigate voicemail or paging "trees", IVR, or "PIN"-based systems to notifiy non-traditional messaging devices or those which frequently cause problems for non-scriptable paging systems. Many of these systems are incorporated in the Interpage Paging Database, which performs lookups for PIN-based systems (including Alpha pagerIDs) and automatically directs messages to the appropriate paging/messaging carrier.

In conjunction with the OutVoice Service, the Messaging Gateway service can also dispatch to Voice/Voicemail Pagers or contact mobiles and landline/POTS lines with synthesized speech or customized WAV audio file, relaying important messages when cellular data or messaging and/or paging coverage is unavailable or unreliable.

The Messaging/Paging Gateway is designed for seamless integration into nearly any messaging regime -- commands may be sent to the automated Messaging/OutPage server via simple e-mail commands or web-based submissions, with optional SSL/TLS secure encrpytion for HIPAA and other similar secure messaging regimes and requirements. Enterprise customers who do not maintain or have access to carrier information for the various alpha pagers which they message to may utilize the Interpage Paging Database to automatically look up and transmit alpha pages without knowing the underlying paging carrier.

The entirety of Interpage Messaging/Paging Gateway, and associated voice, fax and related notification methods, employ simple commands which may be implemented in and integrated with any messaging/pager notification application or software in seconds. There is no special coding or programming knowledge required, and no APIs or code are needed to be integrated into existing servers, notification software, or applications.

For example, to send an SMS message to US mobile phone (415) 555-1212, the following e-mail command may be sent to Interpage's Messaging Gateway:

OUTSYS SMSGATE 14155551212 "This is a test of the Interpage SMS Gateway"

...which will result in a mobile number (415) 555-1212 (in the US/Canada, eg, country code 1) receiving the message: 'This is a test of the Interpage SMS Gateway'. (Please see the SMS/MMS Gateway page for additional details.)

Alternately, the Messaging Gateway may be used to send an Alpha message/page to a SPOK paging customer using the following command:

OUTSYS SPOK 1234567 "This is a test to SPOK Alpha pager 1234567 using Interpage's Paging Gateway"

...which will send SPOK Alpha customer/Pager ID 1234567 the message: 'This is a test to SPOK Alpha pager 1234567 using Interpage's Paging Gateway'.

A numeric-only page to a numeric pager may be generated as follows:

OUTNUM NUM 2135551212 "123456789"

...and will page (213) 555-1212 so that "123456789" will appear on the display of the numeric pager unit.

For cases where the destination paging system or carrier is unknown, the Interpage Paging/Carrier Database may be used to direct a page to the correct carrier/customer:

OUTSYS DATABSE 21311110000 "This is a test of the Interpage Paging Database and Gateway"

...which will look up the paging system/carrier which services pager "2131110000" and, if the lookup is successful, send the message 'This is a test of the Interpage Paging Database and Gateway'.

Many other end devices and functions are available; details on the Outpage protocol and how to configure a server to use Interpage as a singular gateway for all SMS, messaging, and paging notification needs may be found on the Messaging/OutPage Commands page.

The Messaging/Paging Gateway also provides detailed confirmation messages to provide information back to the sender (or server) of the status of a sent message:

The queue and send confirmations are sent in plain text (not binary or HTML), and are thus easily parsable by servers or automated equipment/software to provide customers and end users with detailed updates as to the status of their messages. Billing codes or other unique strings of data may also be sent with each message/page, and are passed back in the queue, send, and billing messages to keep track of individual messages and assign costs (if applicable) to individual customers or groups.

The Enterprise Messaging/Paging Gateway also allows for the customization of messages sent, with optional corporate branding and reply addresses specific to a given firm or organization which utilizes the gateway; please inquire for details.

Parties interested in an evaluative (free) trial of the Messaging/Paging Gateway may complete a Messaging/Paging Trial Form, and when complete fax or scan the form to Interpage for processing.

Specialized Messaging Gateway services may also be utilized by "legacy" or non-internet enabled systems via a variety of alternate access methods, including:

Other access methods to enable specialized applications to move content and messages to cellphones, pagers and other messaging devices are also available, please inquire for details.

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